Fantaspoa Film Festival Announces its Full Program

Fantaspoa Film Festival Announces its Full ProgramBy

Starting next week, on May 4th through May, 20th, Porto Alegre will be the Latin American Capital of Genre Cinema as Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival 2012 unleashes.

Fantaspoa – International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre, the biggest genre film festival of Latin America will be back for its 8th edition, with 17 days of pure cinephilia, exhibiting 150 films – including 87 features from 32 countries: 5 having their world première, 12 in national première and 43 in their Latin America première. The festival will also bring more than 35 guests, including the duo that will be getting a Career Achievement Award: David Schmoeller and Stuart Gordon. Schmoeller, in the occasion, will also have the première of his first feature in 14 years: “Little Monsters”.
The festival will open and close with two world premières: “Nervo Craniano Zero”, directed by Paulo Biscaia Filho will open the festival and “Cell Count”, directed by Todd E. Freeman will close it.

The Short Films Competition will exhibit a total of 51 films, including “Para Eu Dormir Tranquilo”, “Conto do Vento”, “Paths of Hate”, “Blackwater Gospel”; “Animal Control” and “La Casa Del Lago”.

Zombie Apocalypse is a competitive sidebar that has been put together to exhibit eight recent films with our beloved living dead, to show the richness in which these characters can be used on film. The highlights of this sections are “Portrait of a Zombie”, “A Little Bit Zombies” and “Di Ingon ‘Nato”.

Panorama will exhibit films that are not explicitly genre films, but that involve interesting themes or unusual situation. 11 titles will be part of this section: “The Maiden Danced to Death”, “Searching for Sonny”, “Kid-Thing”, “Brawler”, “El Ambulante”, “White Vengeance”, “Bad Ass”, “Pilgrim Song”, “El Infierno”, “Machete's Language” and “Happily Never After”. These films compose a Panorama of some of the most interesting and unusual films that are being made nowadays. Some have been played on the most renowned film festivals throughout the globe and it’s especially interesting for us to start this new sidebar in Fantaspoa this year.

The Ibero-American Competition will exhibit a total of 12 films, from six different countries. From Chile we’ll be presenting “El Circuito de Román”, winner of the special jury award at Valdivia International Film Festival; from Venezuela, the multi-awarded “La Hora Cero”; from Costa Rica, “El Fin”, a unique comedy about the last day on earth; and from Spain comes Carne Cruda, a comedy about cannibals that pay homage to the Italian horror classics. Mexico will have two films presented: “Alucardos” and “Pastorela”; and Argentina will have six films on the competition: “Plaga Zombie 3”, “Penumbra”, “Fase 7”, “La Memoria del Muerto”, “Diablo” and “Topos”.

The whole line-up for the International Competition, with 32 titles can be find in the list below:

22 Mei Koen Mortier Belgium
Altered States of Plaine Nick Gaglia USA
Calibre 9 Jean-Christian Tassy France
Children Who Chase... (Hoshi o ou kodomo) Makoto Shinkai Japan
Comforting Skin Derek Franson Canada
Crawl Paul China l Australia
Dr. Ketel Linus de Paoli Germany
Hand-Head-Heart (Hlava – ruce – srdce) David Jarab Czech Republic
Inbred Alex Chandon UK
Invasion of Alien Bikini Young-doo Oh South Korea
Karate-Robo Zaborgar Noboru Iguchi Japan
Masks Andreas Marschall Germany
Monster Brawl Jesse T. Cook Canada
Rabies (Kalevet) Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado Israel
Realtors Adilkhan Yerzhanov Kazakhstan
Rites of Spring Padraig Reynolds USA
Scalene Zack Parker USA
Shadows John Penney USA | Thailand
Shiver Julian Richards USA
Smuggler (Sumagurâ) Katsuhito Ishii Japan
Snowman's Land Tomasz Thomson Germany
Target (Mishen) Alexander Zeldovich Russia
Thale Aleksander Nordaas Norway
The Aggresion Scale Steven C. Miller USA
The Corridor Evan Kelly Canada
The Enemy (Neprijatelj) Dejan Zecevic Serbia | Bosnia | Croatia | Hungary
The Girl from the Naked Eye David Ren USA
The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) Tom Six Netherlands | UK | USA
The Oregonian Calvin Reeder USA
The Road Yam Laranas Philippines
Wang’s Arrival (L'Arrivo di Wang) Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti Italy
Yakuza Weapon Tak Sakaguchi, Yûdai Yamaguchi Japan

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