Exclusive: Interview with some heavy hitters of 'Fatal Pictures' upcoming horror short 'HEIR'

HEIRby Seth Metoyer, MoreHorror.com

MoreHorror currently had the chance to shoot off a few questions to some of the heavy hitters from the upcoming horror short HEIR.

The film is written and directed by Richard Powell, produced by Zach Green, Marc Roussel, Ron Basch and Richard Powell -- and stars Bill Oberst Jr. and Robert Nolan. Check out the Q&A below.

Q&A with Richard Powell

MoreHorror.com: What can you tell us about Fatal Pictures next, and last short film HEIR ?

Richard Powell: HEIR is going to be a special project for a few key reasons. First, as you mentioned, it will be Fatal Pictures last short film before we attempt to get our feature film debut made. Second, this will be our first attempt at raising funds through a crowd funding platform like KICKSTARTER. Finally, we are expanding our creative horizons with several new collaborators including RED SNEAKERS MEDIA (Marc Roussel and Ron Basch) who's work in REMOTE and THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS have earned them multiple Directors Guild of Canada Best short award nominations, and of course, Bill Oberst Jr who is a force in the world of Indie horror.  Story wise, I am confident HEIR is the most powerful and impactful film to come from Fatal Pictures to date. As proud as I am of certain elements of FAMILIAR, I really see HEIR as a chance to demonstrate the potential of our filmmaking team and of my own developing voice. We have been perfecting our craft with each film and HEIR will show how far we have come since FAMILIAR. HEIR will be a horrific, timely and ambitious short film that will once again prove why short film matters, it will be the perfect ending this chapter in our filmmaking endeavors and the beginning of another.

MoreHorror.com: I hear this will be Fatal Pictures first crowd funding project via Kickstarter, how do you feel about crowd funding ?

Richard Powell: Crowd funding is an empowerment tool for any creative minded individual and that is always a positive in my mind. Projects of merit and passion have a chance to be fully realized and that is our intention with HEIR. We have assembled the best, proven team of filmmakers we could find and are ready to deliver in every way. What we have to offer is a track record with our previous short films, as well as the resume of our team, from The Butcher Shop to Bill Oberst Jr and from Robert Nolan to Red Sneakers Media! What our supporters will be backing is quality and care, no gimmicks here. Perhaps that's my one main gripe with crowd funding, the hokey nature of the campaigns which seems to take precedent over the project it self.  We have put our energies into the script, the casting, the assembly of the team, the art etc... You won't see us doing back flips in clown suits in our Kickstarter video but you are going to get a REAL FILM you can be proud to have supported.

MoreHorror.com: Which Filmmakers inspire you to write these films ?

Richard Powell: Any filmmaker who is dedicated to telling the stories they care about are the ones who inspire me, and of course any filmmaker who operates without limits. Lars Von Trier is the kind of filmmaker who keeps us guessing, wondering what's next. Harmony Korine and Werner Herzog are consistently pushing the limits and redefining themselves. I'm excited about Eli Roth's return to directing aswell! As for the classics I'm in awe of Kurosawa, Bergman, John Huston, Hitchcock and as of late Woody Allen.

MoreHorror.com: Which current actors do you hope to work with one day ?

Richard Powell: Michael Shannon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are on the top of my list, these guys are obviously A List talent but they occasionally dabble in smaller roles, in smaller films.  Michael Shannon in particular is probably one of the most interesting actors working today. I'm also a huge fan of Casey Affleck and Sam Rockwell who's work in THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES is some of the best acting I've ever seen.  Working Michelle Williams or Juno Temple would be amazing aswell, they hop back and forth between big and small films and keep their roles interesting and diverse. The common trait among all of these actors is fearlessness, they embrace tough, controversial roles and excel in them. This is one of the reasons I love working with the equally fearless Robert Nolan and am beyond excited to beginning a new relationship with the amazing Bill Oberst Jr!

Q&A with Zach Green

MoreHorror.com: Tell us what your intention is for your next film HEIR ?

Zach Green: I plan on HEIR being Fatal Pictures most successful, powerful, and final short film. Not only is the story very controversial, and intelligent, but we have also lined up some serious, fierce, talent in front of and behind the camera. Our goal for HEIR is to have a great, lengthy, festival run, and have as many people as possible see the film.

MoreHorror.com: What brought you and Richard Powell together as a filmmaking team ?

Zach Green: Richard and I met back in film school in 2003/2004. We began to work together on a student film that I was the editor on. We built our great repore in the editing room. We both have such a love and passion for the film industry, and have great strengths in different areas. We later went on to form our production company, entitled Fatal Pictures in 2007.

MoreHorror.com: What can you tell us about the producing team of Red Sneakers Media that will be helping you produce the film ?

Zach Green: Red Sneakers Media are two great talented people made up of writer/director Marc Roussel, and actor/producer Ron Bachse. Richard and I met these two talented guys on the festival circuit, while Worm (2010) was playing a festival with Red Sneakers' Remote (2010).

MoreHorror.com: This is your first time working with Bill Oberst Jr. What can you tell us about that ?

Zach Green: I am very excited, honored, and thrilled to have the pleasure to be working with such a talent as Bill Oberst Jr. I really feel between Bill and Robert Nolan, and the phenomenal script from Richard Powell, we are going to have something extremely, powerful, and special. Especially with all the other talent we have lined up on the film. This will mark the first time and hopefully not last time I will be working with Bill.

MoreHorror.com: Are there any Producer's in particular who inspire you to do what you do ?

Zach Green: There are many of what I think are great producers, that do inspire me to try and create and or produce the best films I can; such as Oren Peli, Brian Grazer, Jason Blum, Lawrence Bender, Eli Roth, Judd Apatow, Scott Mosier, Ivan Reitman,

Jerry Bruckheimer, Mark Burnett. Just to name a few.

Q&A with Robert Nolan

MoreHorror.com: What can you tell us about the production company Fatal Pictures ?

Robert Nolan: I'm very fortunate to be involved with Fatal Pictures. They stand out from other film companies in their deep and careful attention to the quality development of their scripts and extensive preparation of the production long before going to camera. This is one of the secrets of their success and what makes it a profound delight to be involved in one of their projects. The team of Zach Green and Richard Powell is a finely balance harmony of talents and skills. It is great to see what their vision and determination has already produced in the three critically-acclaimed short films they have brought to the screen so far (Consumption, Worm, Familiar).

MoreHorror.com: What made you want to be attached in the upcoming film from Fatal Pictures, entitled HEIR ?

Robert Nolan: I was excited to learn that the company was developing a feature script based on their highly-praised short WORM and also had plans to produce a final short film whose artistic ambitions extended beyond what they had already achieved in their previous short FAMILIAR. A Fatal Pictures production means deep care and careful attention to the script, the most important basis for a quality movie. HEIR will break new ground in the horror genre. For an actor to be involved in that process is a very exciting, valuable and challenging opportunity. The script not only has this ambitious artistic architecture, it is also brings it to the max with all the elements of horrifying entertainment that will have hands gripping theatre seats and eyes glued to the big screen. What actor wouldn't love to be part of that!

Beyond that, there is the fine opportunity of working on-screen with one of the finest horror actors in the business today, Bill Oberst Jr. That should be mad chemistry all in itself! And working again with the very creative Cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson (FAMILIAR) will be a wonderful and the special effects by The Butcher Shop (FAMILIAR) will make this picture sizzle and burn! The quality team that Fatal Pictures has brought together for this production is impressive - much of the fine team from FAMILIAR returns (including Bernie Greenspoon's fine composing skills) and with the addition of the expertise and talents of  producers Marc Roussel (REMOTE) and Ronnie Basch (THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS) added to the mix, we are in for some very exciting times in the weeks ahead.

MoreHorror.com: What can you tell us about the upcoming film HEIR, with out giving to much away ?

Robert Nolan: HEIR will bring you into a world of horror and will bring a world of horror out of you to mingle on the screen in a rushing abyss of darkness, blood, flashing light and sudden dawning realizations. To say more would be to cheat you of the all-encompassing experience of seeing the movie so 'nuff said!

MoreHorror.com: What do you hope to achieve with this role ?

Robert Nolan: As part of the team, to create a successful, popular and critically-acclaimed film that is a must-see for horror fans with appeal to a wider quality film-loving audience. From an actor perspective, this role will challenge me to my core, force me to explore the social, personal and moral areas of psychic darkness that currently trouble our individual selves and which boil up from the depths and boil over through the surface of modern society. An actor could not ask for more.

Q&A with Bill Oberst Jr.

MoreHorror.com: What made you want to be attached in the upcoming film from Fatal Pictures, entitled HEIR?

Bill Oberst Jr.: The fact that it made my skin crawl. I was eager to read the script for HEIR because I had loved Fatal Pictures' FAMILIAR so much, but I was not prepared for the skin-crawling...that is a rare sensation when reading a script. I got sucked into the world of HEIR. I love body horror so much and this script hit all my fear buttons. It delighted me. I'd want to see this film even I was not going to be in it.

MoreHorror.com: This will be your first time working with Fatal Pictures. What do you look forward to achieving with them ?

Bill Oberst Jr.: I want to help Richard Powell and Zach Green put exactly what I saw on the page onto the screen. That is the tough part, but I am committed to their vision and very happy that they trust me to help bring it to gooey, oozing life.

MoreHorror.com: Is there anything in particular you are doing to get ready for this role ?

Bill Oberst Jr.: Interesting that you ask that. The film deals with hidden desires and whether and how to accept them. I've been thinking a lot about what it would be like to be created so differently that one is almost an alien to the other humans around oneself. What would that kind of isolation feel like? What would fighting one's "monstrous" nature feel like? What would giving in to that nature feel like? What should our reaction be to urges that seem to come from deep within, but that repel us intellectually? These are some of the questions that HEIR asks, and some of the ones I will be considering in thought and prayer before taking on the role. It is a heavy responsibility to play the dark characters that I tend to be drawn to. HEIR is a thoughtful piece, as well as a fearful one. It's important to me to get it right.

MoreHorror.com: What can you tell us about the production company Fatal Pictures?

Bill Oberst Jr.: Fatal Pictures loves horror enough to approach it with intelligence. That is the gold standard for me, both as an actor and as a fan. I grew up on Bradbury, Ellison, Lovecraft, Poe. A literate approach to horror wins my heart every time.

About HEIR

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, family man Gordon and his son Paul, embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge in a secret passion. Before the day ends a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will be learned.

Combining the best and brightest of our previous film, FAMLIAIR, with new and accomplished collaborators (BILL OBERST JR, MARC ROUSSEL and RON BASCH from Red Sneakers Media), HEIR is set to be a disturbing, practical FX driven horror short which examines one of societies darkest taboos in a way only Fatal Pictures can. HEIR stands to be our darkest, sharpest and most successful film to date!

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