Machete: Movie Review

Machete Movie Review
Review by Chris Wright,

Who would have thought a simple Grindhouse flick from a few years prior could spawn such as movie? What makes this movie even more fascinating is that it came from a fake trailer during the Grindhouse flick! This movie is basically going old school with hardcore gore and action to the extreme.

Machete was released in stores early 2011 and I recommend it before I even review it! If you like over the top gore, extreme situations, non political correctness, and sheer old school fun this is the movie for you! The exploitative concept was prominent in the 1970s and having it sampled for today is excellent. It’s not really a horror film but the gore hounds surely will love this.

The story is about a Mexican named Machete (Danny Trejo). He is an ex-federale. After a very intense Grindhouse opening sequence, Machete was on a mission to save a girl. Ironically this girl turned on him instantly against one of Machete’s ex-fedale partners who controls a drug cartel. Machete looses his daughter and wife at the hands of Rogelio Torrez (Ex federale turned bad guy) (Steven Seagal).

We flash forward a few years in to the future. Machete is illegal in the United States and works for cheap labor. He stands out among the other illegal Mexicans in Texas so a business man Michael Booth (Jeff Fahey) hires Machete to take out a local state senator. He wants Machete to take out Senator McLaughlin (Robert Di Niro) for a sum of 150,000 dollars cash. We learn that this senator is heavily against illegals and wants to ship them all back from Booth who tries to sweeten the pot for Machete to take part in this. Machete is unaware of Booth’s ulterior motive in this and goes along with it. However, Machete is shot by one of Booth’s henchman and one of his henchman takes a shot at the senator. The whole ordeal was a trap to make an illegal look dangerous and rise the senator’s popularity thus helping his business at the same time.

While all of this is going on, a young ICE agent Rivera (Jessica Alba) is becoming more fascinated by this Machete character and is trying to find out who he is and what he is up to. While that is going on throughout the movie until they meet up, Machete fires his way through the hospital in a very graphically gory scene with Booth’s henchman. Superb scene since Machete dives out the window with the help of another guys short intestines! Machete’s mission at this point is to take out Booth for what he did to him.

Luz, who is recurring thought he movie, is an inspiration to the underground movement to help illegals find jobs and a good way of life. Unfortunately for her, the border vigilantes (which the senator secretly supports) lead by Von Jackson (Don Johnson) is destroying what Luz (Michelle Rodriguez) has put together. Von Jackson eventually finds Luz after Luz helps out Machete and shoots her in the eye with his gun.

Midway through we see Machete kidnapping Booth’s daughter (Lindsay Lohan) and wife (after a very erratic sex video with them!) and steals secret information to take them down. Booth is furious and is also secretly consulting with Torrez regarding the whole political issues. Machete had the help of his old friend whom he calls Padre (another ex federale played by Cheech Marin) who is a Catholic father in the area. Booth hires a hit man and he takes out Padre in a violent confrontation in the cathedral. The hit man is played by Tom Savini. This fight ends with Padre being crucified to a cross literally. Machete takes full rage out on Booth and brings down the whole behind the scenes operation. The secret information of what the local senator is doing along with Booth and Torrez is exposed. The senator kills Booth in his limosine and goes to find Von Jackson.

Machete leads a surge from the underground operation formed by Luz to go against Booth and Von Jackson’s border vigilantes for the final battle. Booth’s daughter, after waking up from being kidnapped by Machete, she puts on a catholic outfit and also goes to fight! Senator McLaughlin is taken captive by the border vigilantes and then joins sides with the illegals. The violent battle ends with Machete in a head to head fight with Torrez. Machete stabs Torrez in the chest and the fight has ended.

The conclusion is the ICE agent Rivera trying to make Machete legal but he wants to remain illegal in both countries as his own man. They both kiss on his motorcycle off in to the sunset.

This is is a very long review because this movie is just that good. My only negatives are that Tom Savini’s character is underused and the Grindhouse film style should have applied all throughout the film. Danny Trejo has great stage presence despite limited speaking parts. Jessica Alba as Agent Rivera is modest at best. As Luz has good stage presence. Steven Seagal should have had more air time. Jeff Fahay as Booth was superb in a bad guy role. Lindsay Lohan is barely in the movie but she is amusing when she is (by Vaughn at dresshead store). Overall 5 out of 5 stars. It has a well earned 7.1 on IMDB. I highly recommend you watch and buy very soon. Some hate this movie based on the political tones in it. I overlooked that and just enjoyed the story. This is very original and pretty good. I hope for a sequel “Machete kills!”

Machete (2010)

Directed By: Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis

Written By: Robert Rodriguez & Álvaro Rodriguez

Starring: Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Robert Di Niro, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Don Johnson, and Lindsay Lohan

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