Review: The ABCs of Death

The ABCs of DeathBy M@tch,

The ABCs of Death is an ostentatious production-going into territory that could be an emergent aspect of 21st century entertainment. Although the similarity with the 80's & 90's festival circuit freak show called Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation Festival can't be ignored. I compare the two because they're both filled with shorts which primarily consists of the most depraved stuff on earth.

ABCs started with a warning: an explanation about the producers and about content with how this could be unsafe to some viewers.

If you are a horror aficionado then you will be immediately attracted to the beginning sequence as you follow a splash, then a trail, then a pool of blood to a bath with children's blocks floating face up with the phrase ABC's of Death on the surface. The fading in and out of the surface of blood throughout the movie in between each short has seamlessly blended very well with the other productions.

If you take the time to sit through all two hours of this combination effort, be prepared to be shocked, repulsed & puzzled at this year's tapestry of films that these producers have painted their styles upon.

Some of the films titles are meant to be discovered while watching the films, so they have been left out of the comments below. However, if you'l like to see a list of all the films titles, you can see them here. Enjoy.

A is for... this has an interesting low budget feel to it with a bit of a shock at the beginning. As an opener to this type of sequence this short definitely shows what the watcher they are in for. It is written to keep you guessing what the "A" is for until the very end.

B is for... is a very good Spanish campfire scary story. This one is worthy of learning and using to keep small children in bed at night.

C is for... is a great example of the creativeness in the horror genre. About halfway through you guess what the "C" stands for and the twist it makes in the plot, makes this particular short stand out.

D is for... really is one of my favorites, not only because I was in it, but the director took a style of production that threw in realism and blended a horror short that brought home something recognizable without saying a word. Amidst some of the cop outs made on some of the shorts do to a low budget Marcel stood out with quality and style that brings class to the genre.

E is the classic rendition of a type of student film where somebody starting out in CGI can turn a fear into reality. The actor was really good. He really pulled off the part that will definitely leave images in the minds of those who have arachnophobia.

F is for... I would have to say that some Japanese people need to lay off the magic brownies. This was a ridiculous fetish piece, albeit imaginative.

G is for... Well done. They captured the mindset of someone who wanted to use gravity as a way out. They took an ethereal beauty point of view to a gritty perspective in reality.

As far as originality: H is for... takes the cake. Although the viewer is left asking one question: is the fuzzy fox a post op crossdresser? The producers & cast of this one totally had some fun... it's basically a comic book come to life.

I is for... this is a rare horror gem for it's realism, natural & exceptional acting, stands alone. It'll grab you..

J is for... reminds me of some scenes some coked up desperate writers come up with. IT definitely does not have an American perspective. It's Japanese chaos anime styling will have some American watchers going, "What the hell was that all about?!" It's artistic & surprising.

K is for... is a hilarious animated short for those with a low brow sense of humor. It definitely answers the question of, "What happened to that cute anorexic chick that you saw it all the parties?"

L is for... is probably the shocker amidst some of the more juvenile aspects of this project. It's gritty realism on the subject of perverse underground happenings will make even the most deprived uncomfortable.

M is for.... is definitely one of the cuter ones although it ends on a strange note for which it fulfills its title.

N is very well done with a funny twist. They took a simple setting, threw in some believable acting with some humor & a Lory bird, what's not to like?

O is for... I need to take a second to try to explain this trip into the sensual portion of your brains... are you there? If you aren't- you will be after this trip.. throw in some spanking, some bubbles & some choice moments & this piece delivers a woman's culmination in under 5 mins. Is it possible? Guess you'll have to see.

P is for... takes you down a road not seen much in USA. Then makes you realize that you would do anything for family- anything.

Q is for... well, this is obviously the lowest budget clip- however, it's done well, but, kind of a cop-out with a comedic twist at the end, -SPOILER- no animals were hurt during the filming of this segment...

R is for... I liked this one for it's sheer imaginative design and sci-fi appeal. I think it needs to be revisited with a stronger ending or multiple endings with the main character. It could have a sequel with no question.

S is for... well, the American diet substance of choice... that being said, there's a fictional character that is a culmination of said substance that is a cool combination of most horror killers- and could stick in people's minds. I say, well done, for bringing horror home.

T is for... well, anyone who's been interested in this series has seen this claymation, as it was the winner of the contest to be entered into this montage. It was a winner for good reason.

U is for... BRAVO! This is one of my personal favorite pieces due to it's subject matter- that has been portrayed somewhat lightly as of late in mainstream media. They do it from those creatures eyes. Love it.

V is for... (according to Director Kaare Andrews), is "not what you may think it means, but rather, it is Old Latin for 'cries of a newborn child.' This was perfect because I had a newborn child and it liked to cry... it also steered me back towards my initial promise of infanticide."

W is for WTF! Well, that being said.. yes it is. Funny, in a stoned, tripping on acid kind of way...

X is for XXL. See this! It will repulse you - then it will grip you. Bravo to the actress. That took ... ahem, guts.. to do. Yeah... guts...

Y is for ... interesting premise to this... there is a disgusting scene in this of which, even I had trouble choking down the soup I was eating at the time. So, there lies the horror- you've been warned.

Z is for... holy crap- did they actually end this melee with this? Well, what can you do with the letter Z? I ask you- what can you do & could you have done any better?

All in all, I would say that this cacophony of demented scenarios will leave your mind scarred, raped & burnt out like a roach left by a rhasta man. So, grab yer' favorite other & a few beers, some Tums & nachos with plenty of jalapenos and scarf down at the all you can eat horror buffet, but bring a doggy bag (and maybe extra pair of tighty whiteys).

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