After School Massacre

Producer Mem Ferda’s MANIA Wins Best Horror Feature

MANIAThe sexually charged lesbian love story ‘MANIA’ directed by Jessica Cameron, premiered at the 8th Annual Arizona Underground Film Festival and won Best Horror Feature.

MANIA produced by British Actor / Producer Mem Ferda (Miss You Already, London Heist) revolves around two lesbian lovers who flee their home and travel cross-country after a brutal murder.

The movie stars Ellie Church (Time to Kill, Headless) in the lead role of Mel. MANIA is one of three features that see’s the teaming up of Cameron and Ferda along with Writer/ Executive Producer Jonathan Scott Higgins.

Following on from their huge success with ‘Truth or Dare’ which picked up over 33 Awards globally, the team are confident ‘MANIA’ will be equally appealing. Mem Ferda commented, ‘Jessica and I worked from a very dark palette for ‘MANIA’. Parts are brutally blunt and may not be to everyone’s taste. But the exploration into a twisted lesbian love relationship and the presentation of characters that are not overly precocious but very infectious and real is a true testament to Jessica’s energy and unrelenting passion for the work’.

British Screen Star Mem Ferda joins Hollywood ‘A’ Lister’s 
on the Pink Carpet for the London Premiere of MISS YOU ALREADY

Our home grown talented Actor, Mem Ferda, attended the London premiere of Catherine Hardwicke’s emotive and rousing drama MISS YOU ALREADY, alongside Hollywood greats Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen), "Miss You Already" portrays the relationship between Jess (Drew Barrymore) and Milly (Toni Collette), two childhood best friends. Both happily married, when suddenly their lives are transformed when one becomes pregnant and the other is diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Milly, with her supportive husband in Kit (Dominic Cooper) and two charming young children, is undertaking a course of chemotherapy, struggling with the nausea that transpires, and the losing of her hair. In the meantime, Jess is wanting to celebrate the news that her IVF treatment has proven successful, and she’s to have her first child with her partner Jago (Paddy Considine) – though any such celebrations may well have to be put on hold, as Milly’s condition worsens.

Mem Ferda commented, “Miss You Already’ was really exciting and something completely new for me. Working with two amazing actresses, Drew and Toni, was a dream come true, and the script was equally remarkable. The film has touched a lot of people, and has received fabulous reviews. My fans are use to seeing me portray gangsters and baddies – so I hope they’ll like watching me in a more caring and sensitive role, and enjoy the character of ‘Ahmed’ as much as I enjoyed playing him.”

'A Tricky Treat' receives honors, will screen at SCREAMFEST among other festivals

A Tricky Treatby Seth Metoyer

Tis the season for many horror film festivals and with that, a ton of films being screened. A little horror comedy short to note called A Tricky Treat will have its LA premiere at this years Screamfest.

The film was also honored with four awards at the Macabre Faire Film Festival showcase in New York. Check out the details and trailer below, and if you happen to hit a festival or two this year, be sure to give this one a watch.

From The Press Release:
A Tricky Treat, a short horror comedy directed by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica, has been honored with four awards at the Macabre Faire Film Festival showcase in New York.

- Best Short Film:

Producers: Patricia Chica, Grace Santos, Byron A. Martin

Executive Producer: Tara Kurtz

Co-Executive Producers: Morris Umali, Adonai Interiano

- Best Director: Patricia Chica

- Best Editor: Patricia Chica

- Best Special FX:

Danny McCarthy (Special FX supervisor and the team of 800 lb Guerilla in San Diego), Henry Lipatov and Anton Golovchenko, VFX supervisors and the team of Fame Cube Production in the Ukraine.

“I’m extremely honored to share A Tricky Treat’s success with my team who helped bring it to life…or in this case…a macabre end! These awards represent four great reasons to support women directors coming up in genre filmmaking!”,exclaims director Patricia Chica.

‘Motel Hell’ (1980) review

Motel HellReviewed by Jesse Miller

It’s called Motel Hello, a rather sunny and welcoming name, but this decrepit hotel is anything but sunny and welcoming. For one thing, the hotel is falling apart so much that the O in the hotel sign fades to reveal Motel Hell. At Motel Hell, the rooms are very much vacant but the owner has it deliberately switched to read No Vacancy.

Welcome to Motel Hell, a jet black comedy-horror that tells the story of Farmer Vincent (Ray Calhoun) and his famous smoked meats, the secret ingredient of which is the people he traps and hunts on a backwoods road late at night. From there, Vincent and his maniacal sister Ida (Nancy Parsons) take the victims and bury them up to their necks in their ‘secret garden’ where they will rupture their vocal chords so they can’t scream and feed them pig pellets so they fatten up.

The story really begins when Vincent takes a liking to one of his victims, a blonde bombshell named Terry (Nina Axelrod), and takes her back to his home behind Motel Hell where he pretends to nurse her from the crash he himself inflicted. From there, we follow Terry as she slowly starts to see what the secret of the motel really is.

MOTEL HELL plays out like a satire of horror and is stuffed to the brim with bizarre comedy and bizarre parodies of horror moments. These moments work well because the film is so over-the-top and nonsensical that I couldn’t help but laugh at what was going on in the film. However I’m not even sure if the comedy was supposed to be intentional or not so it leaves me a little confused.

Indie Scream Queens expound on premiere of 'Scream Queens'

Scream Queen Posterby Seth Metoyer

Some of my favorite indie Scream Queens (including Brooke Lewis and Devanny Pinn) got together with the lovely Sammy Phillips, Staci Layne Wilson and Suze Lanier-Bramlett for a premiere screening of Fox's Scream Queens and sat down to discuss their thoughts about the first episode. Check out all the dirty sexy details below as well as a video interview with the Hollywood indie Scream Queens crew.

Scream Queens is an American horror comedy anthology television series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan (American Horror story and Glee creators) and premiered on Fox on September 22, 2015.

From The Press Release
After tweeting all day that it should be declared a national holiday, actress Brooke Lewis gathered with some of her besties and horror hotties for a viewing and after-show commentary of the Scream Queens FOX TV premiere.

In conjunction with filming an episode of Penthouse TV's "Cocktail Confessions", hosted by famous Penthouse Pet, Sam Phillips, to celebrate the premiere, the ladies filmed a separate segment for all you loyal horror fans!

These horror actresses, writers, directors and producers, wanted to make a statement that smart and sexy comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities and that women should come together to support each other and fellow Scream Queens!

'Deadly Revisions' set to release through SGL Entertainment

Deadly Revisions final PosterGregory Blair's horror film Deadly Revisions (review) is set to release on September 29th. The film stars Bill Oberst Jr. and Cindy Merrill, in a tale of insomniac terror. The movie will be released via SGL Entertainment. Check out more on the film's release, including extras, below.

From The Press Release
Director Gregory Blair’s Deadly Revisions is getting set to release, through SGL Entertainment. The film will be available on Sept. 29th, on DVD, Blu-ray and Video-on-demand. This indie horror film has appeared in dozens of film festivals, including the Fantastic Horror Film Festival. As well, the film has garnered several awards. The film has even won “Best Director in Indie Horror,” at the EOTM. Also, the film has a recognizable cast, with indie horror vet Bill Oberst Jr. centrally starring, along with Cindy Merrill, Mikhail Blokh and Lise Hart. A preview of the film’s debut on home entertainment formats is hosted here.

The film’s story is complex. Grafton Torn is a horror film writer. An accident has left him with amnesia. But when his memories begin to return, he is terrified by what he sees. With help from his long-time friend, Deter, he embarks on a journey of rememberance. What he finds will leave viewers in shock.

SGL Entertainment will distribute the film with several extras. The film’s release will host behind-the-scenes featurettes, bloopers, outtakes and trailers. Fans of indie horror are encouraged to see the film for themselves as the film has been described as “a thinking man’s psychological horror film,” by Michael Juvinall of Horror Society. Very complex and full of twists, Deadly Revisions is one of the most exciting film releases of the year! *the film will be available on Sept. 29th in the following formats and on these platforms: Blu-ray, DVD, Comcast Cable TV, VOD, iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play.

A Pocket Guide To Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse There are two things in life that I absolutely love; Werewolves and zombies. I grew up playing Resident Evil games, became a member of the undead at Halloween and have seen Underworld and An American Werewolf in London more times than I can count. With all the excitement of Fear the Walking Dead and premiere of series 6 of The Walking Dead in less than three weeks’ time, I started to think. How would I cope with an oncoming wave of Zombies? What or how would I react if the world suddenly plunged into a dark atmospheric zombie apocalypse?

So, welcome to my simple guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Let’s face it, we’re now in the 21st century and with the advanced technology and medicine to offer; Resident Evil and The Terminator are sounding more realistic than you’d think. But let’s stick to zombies in this guide and touch upon robots at a later date.

No matter whether you’re a creature of habit or like to play each day by ear, you need to plan. A prepacked holdall comes first to mind. I’m talking about a back pack of carefully chosen items that should see you through, without taking that risk of being bitten on those first few days of an outbreak. Food and drink are the most important. Bottles of water (they must be bottles as they can be refilled and running from a zombie will become increasingly difficult if bloated from a can of Pepsi). I’d suggest carrying snacks in your rucksack like flapjacks for the sugar and energy. For any of you diabetics, sorry but you’ll have to carry carrot sticks. Sounds boring but at least you will have a healthy diet. Avoid any meat. The “Walkers” will be able to smell you from a mile off.

THE EDITOR (2014) review

The EditorReviewed by Jason Lees

If you head to the multiplex, you're going to find movies made for a mass audience. Jurassic World, just to make its budget and marketing costs back, has to be carefully constructed to appeal to every living sentient moviegoer. If the film has a chance of showing profit, then there has to be a chance that EVERYONE on earth will find something in it worth watching. That's great if you're making a family-dinosaur-attack-chase movie (or is you're making a happy meal, for that matter). I get it. I understand. I'm not the mass audience member. I'm not the key demographic. Films on that level aren't about art, they're commerce. Product. Some are fun. Some aren't. But they all have to chase that generic audience to make even.

Before it comes off like I'm just blasting Hollywood (and I am), I'll take this moment to just get to the point. In today's entertainment business model, there's a movie that shouldn't exist, has no right to exist, but I'm so damned happy that it does. Astron 6's THE EDITOR. It's perfect. It's amazing. And it was made specifically for me.

The story follows Rey Ciso (writer/director Adam Brooks), the world's greatest film editor, trying to just stay afloat in his career after losing his fingers in one of those notorious editing accidents. His wife is cold. His boss is a crook. And his cast keeps winding up dead. When the bodies start piling up (literally), the cops look to our hero as the chief suspect. Familiar enough?

Just like in the real thing, the plot ain't the thing. It's the execution. We have insane colors on display like in early Argento. We have manic acting right out of PIECES. There's a chainsaw, just because there needs to be a chainsaw. This is self aware, but never winking at the audience. They're not making fun of Italian exploitation, this Canadian troupe actually made one, right down to the dubbing and body language.

'Natural Born Filmmakers' Premieres at the Action on Film International Film Festival on September 19, 2015

“Natural Born Filmmakers” had its World Premiere at the Action on Film International Film Festival on September 19, 2015 at 4:00 PM on the upper floor of the Krikorian Theatre at 410 S. Myrtle Ave Monrovia CA 91016.

“Natural Born Filmmakers”, written and directed by Steve Oakley, has been nominated for Best Comedy-Feature at Del Weston’s 2015 Action on Film International Film Festival.

Described as both a cautionary tale as well as a spoof, "Natural Born Filmmakers" puts a searing magnifying glass on the workings of Hollywood as it reveals what happens when you mix naive producers, shady investors and carefully calculated contracts. The resulting mix of horror and hilarity makes for a thrilling rollercoaster ride of raging hostilities, blazing guns and…did we mention zombies? To see the NBF trailer, please visit:

Natural Born Filmmakers has an ensemble cast of renowned actors—many of them horror genre favorites—including Domiziano Arcangeli (“Orgy of Blood”; "Wrath of Crows), Gregory Blair (“Deadly Revisions”; "Love That Girl"), Dawna Lee Heising ("Slink";“After School Massacre”), Art Roberts (“Slink”), Joycelyne Lew ("Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance"), Guil Claveria ("FemVamp"), Jack E. Curenton ("Samuel Adams"), Vida Ghaffari (“Pond Scum”), Lindsay Lamb ("Blue Line"), and many more.

'Mania' to premiere at The Arizona Underground Film Festival

MANIADirector Jessica Cameron's second feature film Mania is set to have its world premiere at the The Arizona Underground Film Festival. Check out all the details below!

From The Press Release
Director Jessica Cameron's highly anticipated second feature film Mania is set to repeat history when it holds its world premiere at The Arizona Underground Film Festival on Friday September 18th, the same festival that premiered Cameron's popular and critically acclaimed first feature film Truth or Dare, which won best feature there in 2013.

Jessica Cameron is very excited to return to Arizona and launch what is sure to be another incredibly successful festival run. Cameron will be in attendance, as will writer and executive producer Jonathan Higgins. The two will hold a Q&A after the screening.

Mania is about two lesbian lovers who are forced to flee their hometown after a brutal murder changes their lives. The film was shot as part of the project Kill the PA, in which Jessica Cameron, Jonathan Higgins, and eight other filmmakers traveled across the country in an RV shooting two narrative features and a documentary along the way.

Mania is produced by Mem Ferda, who also produced Jessica Cameron's Truth or Dare. "Mania is a different, fresh, and alarming film that draws from the sexual anxieties of early Cronenberg," says Ferda. "I am thrilled to have Jessica Cameron as my director and to be working with her again. With Mania Cameron delivers a sexy horror film, which shocks without resorting to cheap scares."

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) reveiw

Reviewed by Kevin Scott

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
Written by: Jim Jarmusch, Marion Bessay
Directed by: Jim Jarmusch
Cast: Tom Hiddleston (Adam), Tilda Swinton (Eve), Mia Wasikowska (Ava), John Hurt (Christopher Marlowe), Anton Yelchin (Ian), Jeffrey Wright (Dr. Watson)

I’ve written on more than one occasion how many subsets there are of zombie films. In most cases, you know what you are going to get. Straight up purist zombie films, contagion zombie films, zom coms, and even zom rom coms (That’s zombie romantic comedy. I don’t know if it’s fully made it into the horror lexicon yet, so I felt that I needed to elaborate) The vampire film has its own unique evolution, and exactly what any vampire film is about is much more difficult to decipher. It could be anything from gothic period pieces, showdowns between a Van Helsing protagonist and a Dracula antagonist, borderline soft core porn, and all the way down to juvenile delinquent vampires or boy band bloodsuckers. I just can’t really tell at face value.

My opinion about “Only Lovers Left Alive” up front was that it could be an updated version of “The Hunger”, the art house 1983 film with Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon. It was widely misunderstood in its day because of its new wave aesthetics and flirtings with bisexuality. We weren’t ready for that yet. We are now though, so the timing would be appropriate. Tilda Swinton would be perfect as an androgynous vamp. She’s a beautiful woman, but seems to be able to strip away her femininity at will with just a short haircut. I’m amazed at how my attraction to her can vacillate from one end of the scale to the other. Tom Hiddleston is pretty much good in anything, and I noticed some younger male and female actors on the cast roster. This could be the top shelf art house vamp film that “The Hunger” was with a “love the one you’re with” attitude. It is a top shelf vamp film, but it deals more with really, really long stretches of monogamy instead.

The Pros and Cons of a 'Preacher' TV show

Preacher TV SeriesBy Neil Hudson

Many of you may already have noticed that AMC have released the first promo poster for their new show due out in 2016, Preacher, and – even better news – it’s been ordered to series for a ten episode run. Based on Garth Ennis’ Vertigo horror comic, fans are rabidly waiting to see how this series will turn out. It’s early days to be pulling apart a show that hasn’t even aired a trailer yet, but here’s what fans may be excited/bummed about, with the information we have to hand.

Pro: The Actors

Right now the show seems to have stocked its talent pool well. The actors currently involved in the project seem to be top drawer. Dominic Cooper fits the Jesse Custer role admirably, and, though many would prefer a dyed-in-the-wool Texan play the title role, he does look the part and has proven himself a more than proficient actor on the big screen. Similarly, Ruth Negga is a capable actress that should be able to bring Tulip to life in a role that will take extreme nuance to pull off.

Most interestingly, for me, is Joseph Gilgun. He’s an absolutely perfect choice for Cassidy. I literally cannot think of a more appropriate actor to fill the role. If you’ve not caught up on Gilgun’s astounding performance in the This Is England Film/TV Show, get yourself in front of it as soon as possible. W. Earl Brown is going to be playing Hugo Root too, so that should please fans of the incredible (and lamented) Deadwood.

Con: Divergence from the source

A quick glance at the IMDB page should be quite telling for fans of the original comic book series. I’ve read through Preacher more times than I can remember, but some of the character names showing up I’m drawing a blank on. This could simply mean the showrunners have altered the names of some of the comic series’ cast, but it seems far more likely they are introducing new characters into the mix.

World premiere for 'Killer Rack' slated for Scare-a-Con Film Festival

by Seth Metoyer

The horror comedy Killer Rack has found its world premiere screening which will occur at this year's Scare-a-Con Film Festival.

This one looks like it's going to be a killer fun time, along with some killer practical F/X and yes, monster boobs. I'm looking forward to it! Check out all the triple D-eets below.

From The Press Rlease
Killer Rack, a screwball horror comedy produced in Buffalo, New York, will have its world premiere at the Scare-a-Con Film Festival, held in conjunction with the Scare-a-Con horror convention at the Turning Stone casino resort in Verona, New York. The film screens Friday, Sept. 11th at 5 pm and Saturday, September 12th at 3 pm. An awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, and the film has been nominated for Best Feature, Best Actress (Jessica Zwolak) and Best Director (Gregory Lamberson). Zwolak and Lamberson are residents of Buffalo, as is screenwriter and co-producer Paul McGinnis.

In addition, Killer Rack is an Official Selection at The Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Northern Ireland (Oct. 22nd) and Fright Night Theatre Film Festival in Hamilton, Ontario (Nov. 14th), and several festivals which have yet to publicly announce their lineups.

"We submitted to over 60 festivals around the world which run through the summer," Lamberson says. "Because our film is a comedy, we want it to be seen by as many people as possible in an audience, and on a big screen. Film festivals have become the closest alternative to a theatrical release for indie filmmakers, but submitting to them is an expensive process and a competitive one, entailing a lot of waiting."

'Natural Born Filmmakers' Nominated for Best Comedy Feature at the 2015 Action On Film International Film Festival

Natural Born Filmmakers PosterNatural Born Filmmakers, written and directed by Steve Oakley, has been nominated for Best Comedy-Feature at Del Weston’s 2015 Action On Film International Film Festival.

“Natural Born Filmmakers” will have its World Premiere at AOF on September 19, 2015 at 4:00 PM on the upper floor of the Krikorian Theatre at 410 S. Myrtle Ave Monrovia CA 91016. Tickets are available by clinking the link here.

Horror comes to Hollywood in more ways than one in the story of two filmmakers and their Hollywood dream that turns into a nightmare, replete with zombies.

Described as both a cautionary tale as well as a spoof, "Natural Born Filmmakers" puts a searing magnifying glass on the workings of Hollywood as it reveals what happens when you mix naive producers, shady investors and carefully calculated contracts. And it does it all with a wry sense of self-awareness that hasn’t been captured since “The Bad and the Beautiful.”

The resulting mix of horror and hilarity makes for a thrilling rollercoaster ride of raging hostilities, blazing guns and…did we mention zombies?

First wave of horror films announced for Telluride Horror Show

Telluride Horror Festivalby Seth Metoyer

The first round of horror films have been announced for the Colorado based horror festival Telluride Horror Show. This years lineup looks sweet and includes premieres and a special screening of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas with director Q&A! Check the list of films below.

From The Press Release
The first wave of films is now live for the 2015 Telluride Horror Show, October 16-18 in picturesque Telluride, Colorado (elevation 8,750 ft.).

Most of the films will make their Colorado premieres at this year's festival or will screen fresh off their Fantastic Fest debuts. The festival will also feature a special screening of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas followed by a director Q&A.

Here's the complete lineup, which can also be found at


Henry Selick is an American stop-motion director, producer and writer who is best known for directing The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and Coraline. After a special presentation of The Nightmare Before Christmas, join us for a conversation with famed director Henry Selick, moderated by Devin Faraci, editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death.


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