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‘Evil Dead’ (2013) Blu-ray Review

Evil Dead 2013 Blu-ray Movie ReviewReviewed by Chris Risdal, MoreHorror.com

‘Evil Dead’ (2013) had a very mixed reception when it came out. Some fans enjoyed the new take on the horror classic, while others gave the film the cold shoulder. If you read my review of the Evil Dead 2013 film on MoreHorror, you know that I enjoyed the film, though it is very flawed compared to the original and now I’m back to talk about the newly released Blu-Ray, which comes as a regular package or if you have a Target store near you, a very nicely made steelbook edition.

‘Evil Dead’ couldn’t have a more simple story: five kids go into the woods, only one survives, at least until the sequel. This simplicity in the case of ‘Evil Dead’ is not a bad thing however, and it helps the movie flow quickly through it’s hour and a half running time. The bad things come into play when we introduce our five characters. Now, I know they only had five characters because the original did, but quite frankly after viewing this film on home video, the two other women who aren’t the heroine are quite useless to the film and their demonic counterparts don’t provide much interest either, which is a real shame.

However, in speaking of the heroine Mia (Jane Levy) I truly like this movie more with her than I would’ve if they had gone with an Ash wannabe. She does the best acting in the whole film and she provides some feeling and weight behind all the bloodshed and for me personally, it helped to enjoy the film more. If gore is what you came for in ‘Evil Dead’, then gore you shall receive, and then some and the fact that very little of it is CGI makes the effects work all the better. As for audio and visual quality, Sony makes another quality disc that is both visually stunning in clear 1080p and a perfect soundtrack that rattles your sound system with eerie noises and booming sound effects.

Frolic Pictures gains new ground/'Slink' Special Edition DVD now Available on Amazon

Slink DVDBy MoreHorror.com

The Slink Special Edition DVD, from Frolic Pictures, can now be brought home from Amazon, with a full hour of bonus material, including the uncensored deleted scenes (that were too controversial to be included in the theatrical version). Also on the disc is nearly a half hour of Behind the Scenes (which feature the intimacies of the cast and crew at work), plus 3 Slink Trailers, and Red Carpet coverage of the Hollywood Premiere, hosted Kamuela Kim on the Kam Kim Show. Total runtime: 2 hours!

It has been said, that no new idea in cinema really exists, that is why the folks at Frolic Pictures in Hollywood think ya’ll should know about an unoriginal, but stellar American slasher-comedy, that’s about to drop so hard in December on VOD and BluRay, you don’t even know. Teachers’ Day.

He's been referred to as the Ed Wood of the 21st Century.... Could this be the heyday for the “Sultan of Sensationalism” Jared Masters? His associates have advised him to do many things; make a movie with an all-male cast, produce bad 80’s style action movies, do a family horror film, like a female version of the Goonies, or a Christmas Horror. Some even suggest he lay low for a while in Saint John, a secluded spot in the Virgin Islands he has been known to escape to. His partners are even considering his older scripts that are perhaps more polished and intelligent.

The projects officially brewing at the Frolic Factory are Deadly Punkettes; a paranormal thriller revolving around an all-girl band, that Masters wrote in 4 days and plans to direct this September, and possibly co-score with musical guru Sean Gibson (who now has his new single “Fruit on My Belly” available on iTunes, which is also on the soundtrack for Teachers' Day) and also include music from Eva Landon. The cast line-up is rumored to include D'Lannie Brown, Skylar Ripp, Jackie Shea, Madeline McGrane, Art Roberts, Dawna Lee Heising, Tommy Nash, Julia Faye West, Anthony Del Negro, Dave Knapp, Danielle Stavin and Claire Gordon-Harper. With cinematography by Tim McCombe.

‘Child’s Play’ (1988) Review

Childs Play 1988 ReviewReviewed by Chris Risdal, MoreHorror.com

In celebration of Chucky’s October return, I thought I'd sit back and rewatch the entire ‘Child’s Play’ series as a whole and review them here on MoreHorror. Of course, I always start from the beginning which happens to be the best in the series: ‘Child’s Play’.

I was born a year after ‘Child’s Play’ hit theaters, so I never experienced this film in theaters, so it’s hard to imagine how unique the film was at the time and for me the first film may not work on me as much as some others. That doesn't mean I don't like the film however, I just feel like it was even better when it was first released.

Now that I’ve stated the obvious, let’s get into the premise (as if people on here don’t know already…) ‘Child’s Play’ follows young Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) as he receives a much sought after Good Guy Doll for his birthday. The doll, known as Chucky brings Andy much joy, until a string of brutal murders begin to surround Andy and Chucky and it’s up to a Detective (Chris Sarandon) and Andy’s mother (Catherine Hicks) to save Andy from a fate worse than death.

I have to say that, were it not for the supreme voice work of Oscar winner Brad Dourif as Chucky the film would’ve probably been easily forgotten and thrown to the side. While the other characters are not necessarily bad (Alex Vincent as a young Andy standing out well) but the film’s energy comes from Chucky’s performance. It’s the same scenario that happened with Robert Englund being replaced as Freddy, you just can’t see that role without him and the same goes for Chucky here.

Catherine Hicks (Star Trek IV) and Chris Sarandon (Fright Night) both do well here, though they could’ve been written better. Hicks tries her best to protect Andy, but other times she comes off as too ‘damsel in distress’ to me. Sarandon I think isn’t used enough and I really wanted to know more about his character (too bad the sequels didn’t have him).

New ‘Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection’ Blu-Ray Set Coming Soon

Friday the 13thby Chris Risdal, MoreHorror.com

‘Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection’ is a ‘new’ boxset that will be available Setember 13th, 2013 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

While this marks the first time that many of the ‘Friday’ sequels have been on the format, the set itself is something of a double-edged sword. For one, the first film and ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ will be presented in their ‘R’ rated cuts, which may persuade you to hold on to those previous releases.

Also, this set has the same special features that have been presented before in either the Deluxe Editions or the Crystal Lake to Manhattan set, so for those looking for anything new here will be disappointed.

For those looking for something a little more new, a new seven hour documentary on the whole franchise titled ‘Crystal Lake Memories’ will be releasing this August.

All in all, not only is this a great year for ‘Friday the 13th’, but just horror in general so stay tuned on MoreHorror.com for upcoming reviews on the latest horror films.

DVD Cover Art and Release Date for 'Hate Crime' announced

Hatecrimeby David Harkness, MoreHorror.com

Official release date and DVD cover art for the controversial film Hate Crime review has been announced.

Check out the full details, a larger version of the DVD cover below -- as well as the trailer.

From The Press Release
After a lot of controversy, James Cullen Bressack's home invasion film HATE CRIME is coming to DVD courtesy of UNEARTHED FILMS. The DVD is being released on OCTOBER 15th, the same day as Bressack's other film TO JENNIFER (being released by MVD). You can make it a very Bressack Halloween! Attached is the Cover artwork for HATE CRIME's DVD.

HATE CRIME is a violent, realistic portrayal of one of our worst nightmares, being attacked in our home. The movie has been extremely well received by over 90+ reviewers, including some of the biggest reviewers in the horror film community. It has already won best picture and best director at multiple film festivals around the world and made many horror sites top 10 lists of 2012.

Synopsis: "A Jewish family, that just arrived in a new neighborhood, are recording their youngest son's birthday celebrations on video when their home is suddenly invaded by a bunch of crystal-meth-crazed Neo-Nazi lunatics."

'Our Zombie Mother' Web/TV series Pilot in Post Production

Zombie Mother
by MoreHorror.com

The pilot for Our Zombie Mother, a new web/TV series from Griffin Studios LA, Committed Artists Entertainment and MOnsterworks66 is currently in post production. Check out the full details below.

From The Press Release
Patrick Griffin of Griffin Studios LA and Committed Artists Entertainment is teaming up with Maria Olsen of MOnsterworks66 to bring kids and zombie lovers alike the brand new web / TV series Our Zombie Mother!

Post-production is just getting way on the pilot episode of this hilariously horrific new series, which introduces us to the world of Jon and Wendy and tells us what happens when two kids wake up to find their mother has suddenly become a zombie, and they are forced to quickly cope with the curious consequences. Both Griffin and Olsen have been incredibly active in the film scene over the last couple of years, with Griffin scoring movies and TV series such as the Emmy-winning Dan Vs and the action-packed Renegade Force. This is, however, the first time he’s taken the reigns, and Our Zombie Mother, which promises to both tease and terrify, is entirely his concept.

Of the two, it is Olsen – and MO66 – that has been most active in the horror world and has, over the last eighteen months alone, partnered up to produce several features including Seth Metoyer’s Squeal: Blood Harvest (pre-production), Brandon Scullion’s Live-In Fear and Christopher Dye’s Something Sinister (both in post-production), Carl Lindbergh’s Blood Angel (development) as well as the web / TV series Edward Payson’s Sunday Night Slaughters (filming). Olsen, who is best known for her turn as Mrs Dodds / The Fury in Fox’s Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, has also worked alongside and learned from horror icons like Bill Oberst Jr, Lynn Lowry and Rob Zombie. She also absolutely adores playing the challengingly non-verbal title role that Griffin has created for her in Our Zombie Mother.

'Visions Evilutions' Executive Producer Andre Roberson, Writer/Director Sergio Candido Guest on MoreHorror in Hollywood

Visions EvilutionsBy MoreHorror.com

More Horror today announced that Executive producer Andre Roberson and Writer/Director Sergio Candido were the subjects of interviews conducted by Dawna Lee Heising for “MoreHorror in Hollywood,” on June 30, 2013 at Polymedia Entertainment Studios in Orange, CA (watch the interview below the details). Roberson and Candido discussed their upcoming action-packed horror film, “Visions Evilutions” which is set for worldwide distribution. Candido announced that Kendra Jade has been signed to the film and that he has already been commissioned to write the sequel, which will be filmed in Brazil. Roberson plays Randy in the film, Tiffany Solano plays Katie, Heising plays Donna, and Candido will play the role of Billy, who becomes the primary creature in the movie. There are other creatures in the film.

"Visions Evilutions” has received 100,000 “Likes” on Facebook. Candido announced the two winners of the latest Facebook “Visions Evilutions” contest:, Bobby Villegas and Emma Lee. The two will receive front row tickets for themselves and a guest at the “Visions Evilutions” red carpet screening in Los Angeles in 2014. Candido also announced that the next two winners will win a walk-on role in the movie. They will be selected from fans who “like” the Visions Evilutions Facebook page from now until the shooting date.

Visions Evilutions” is currently in pre-production and will begin shooting the last two weeks in January 2014 and first two weeks in February 2014 in South Orange County. The set for “Visions Evilutions” will be built on a 13-acre site, with construction beginning in Summer 2013. Vincent Guastini of V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio will be designing the special effects on the film, the plot of which centers on a group of friends who encounter a violent gang and demonic entities during a camp outing. Visions Evilutions promises to be unlike any horror film with non-stop action, as well as a very strong and unpredictable storyline that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

'Bloody Birthday' (1981) Review

Bloody Birthday 1981Reviewed by Chris Wright, MoreHorror.com

“Bloody Birthday” (1981)
Directed By: Ed Hunt
Written By: Ed Hunt & Barry Pearson

Starring: Lori Lethin (Joyce Russel), Melinda Cordell (Mrs. Brody), Julie Brown (Beverly Brody), Joe Penny (Mr. Harding), Bert Kramer (Sheriff Brody), K.C. Martel (Timmy Russel), Elizabeth Hoy (Debbie Brody), Billy Jayne (Curtis Taylor), Andrew Freeman (Steven Seton), Susan Strasberg (Viola Davis), Jose Ferrer (Doctor), Ben Marley (Duke), Erica Hope (Annie), Ellen Geer (Madge)

“Bloody Birthday” certainly offers a fun early 80s movie for slasher enthusiasts. The twist this time around is there is no Jason Voorhees or Michael Michaels but 10 year old kids! It was certainly up my ally as I like slasher movies that try something different aside from the typical formula used in these movies.

The plot is three-ten-year old kids begin a mass killing spree due to in part to the fact that they were born during an eclipse, which removed their consciences. While I initially thought this was going to be an overly cheese slasher with kids doing dumb things, I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong! The only real portion of the plot that doesn’t make sense is how an eclipse removes souls as that was not explained at all.

The kids committing all these killing antics are well acted and accomplish their goal of being wicked and removed from having a soul. The three child actors here are surprisingly good acting in this one. Whenever I see child actors I typically am ready to cringe at the bad acting but not this one. My favorite scene is where one of the kids is trying to literally run somebody over in a trash recycling facility because I thought it was skillfully done even if he didn’t accomplish their goal! Lori Lethin (as Joyce) is the gem of this movie as the heroine against these murderous children. She had already appeared in 80s slasher flicks such as “Return to Horror High.”

‘Curse of Chucky’ trailer is unleashed!

Curse of Chuckyby Jesse Miller, MoreHorror.com

At long last, the much-anticipated trailerto the sixth film in the Child’s Play series CURSE OF CHUCKY has finally been released and can I just say it looks like great fun.

I’m finally excited again for another Child’s Play flick, after finding the last two sequels not my cup of tea.

CURSE OF CHUCKY will be released on various VOD platforms September 24th, followed by a Blu-Ray / DVD release on October 8th.

Check out the trailer below the synopsis.


He’s back! From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky comes the terrifying return of the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of a notorious serial killer.

When a mysterious package arrives at the house of Nica (Fiona Dourif, True Blood), she doesn’t give it much thought. However, after her mother’s mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to the ensuing bloodshed and chaos.

The return of America’s favorite toy, voiced again by Brad Dourif, is unrated and full of more blood-splattered thrills and chills.

The Whistling Psychopath: Twisted Nerve

by Blood Raven, MoreHorror.com

Think back to season one of American Horror Story. Remember Tate walking down the hallways of his high school just before his shooting spree? What was the song playing in the background? 

If you know what I'm talking about, most of you are thinking it was the whistling song from Kill Bill when "nurse" Elle was on her way to poison Beatrix Kiddo with a syringe while she was still asleep in a coma. Your guess would be right, except it would also be wrong.

The whistling song is actually the main sound track of an old 1969 British Horror film, Twisted Nerve, composed by the talented Bernard Herrmann. THAT'S RIGHT! It didn't originate with Kill Bill.

After seeing Twisted Nerve, it makes sense why this song has been reused with other "unsuspecting" killers…

Twisted Nerve is the tale of a troubled young man named Martin who leaves home as the harmless Georgie, his alter ego, when he befriends an attractive young woman named Susan. Overcome by obsession, and trying to escape the pressures of his family, Martin is the unsuspecting psychopath whistling as he goes off on his killing sprees. 


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