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Some New 'Evil Dead' News To Tide You Over

By Chris Risdal, MoreHorror.com

Believe it or not, the new 'Evil Dead' is only two weeks away from being unleashed upon theaters ready to drench us in blood once again.

While we wait for the April 5th release, we have here for you on MoreHorror.com some new photos and even a clip from the film.

You can view them below but be warned SPOILER ALERT! Proceed from this sentence with caution and don't say that I didn't warn you...

I hope to see you fellow horror fans out there to see the film, I'll be sure to share my popcorn with you. And be sure to check back here at MoreHorror.com for our review of the film.

And below this sentence is a clip from the film. Again, SPOILERS:

“Edge of the Axe” (1988) Review

Edge of The Axe Movie ReviewReview by Chris Wright, MoreHorror.com

Directed By: José Ramón Larraz
Written By: Pablo de Aldebarán

Starring: Barton Faolks (Gerard Martin), Christina Marie Lane (Lillian), Page Moseley (Richard), Fred Holliday (Frank McIntosh), Patty Shepard (Laura), Alicia Moro (Rita), Jack Taylor (Christopher), Joy Blackburn (Susan), May Heatherly (Anna), Conrado San Martin (Trevor), Elmer Modling (Brock)

I was thoroughly surprised that I liked this late 80s Slasher when I watched it. My initial reaction reading about this film is that it would be a Friday the 13th cheap knock off. It has a Jason-eque style killer but doesn’t go so far to mimic the popular flick. While not perfect, I think this slasher movie will impress most viewers.

The plot is a deranged serial killer in an expressionless white mask is going around stalking and killing people with an axe. A couple becomes mixed up in the killings and trying to figure out the motive. I was impressed that the plot didn’t take the typical slasher fare of just random killings with a horrid plot behind it, which was a theme of slashers this late in the 80s.

The characters are fairly likable. I enjoyed the fact that the characters weren’t the typical low budget “horny teens.” For a change, the characters aren’t those types and it is refreshing to watch. The dialogue is passable and at times campy but nothing out of the ordinary for a slasher flick. The cheesiest dialogue is with the late 80s computers that talk out loud when you message another person. I thought that was hysterical.

Exclusive: Teaser Poster and first details about ‘SQUEAL: The Harvest' unveiled

SQUEAL PosterBy David Harkness, MoreHorror.com

Dismal Productions has unveiled the first poster and details for the upcoming horror film SQUEAL (working title).

The movie is currently in pre-production and has attached Ted Payson (The Cohasset Snuff Film, Sunday Night Slaughters) to direct. The story is by Seth Metoyer (Cell Count, Slink) and Shannon Hilson. The script was penned by Michael Hultquist (Arena, Victim). Poster design was created by Charlie Hintz of Mental Shed Studios.

SQUEAL is currently casting for minor roles, but actor Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) will be playing the role of Uncle Ollie. Consequently, Oberst and Metoyer co-own Dismal Productions. When speaking with Oberst about his role as Uncle Ollie, Oberst said it was "perfect" for him because he is "so twisted".

When speaking about the script, Oberst added that it has a "very fun and scary vibe...it's like ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN meets CHILDREN OF THE CORN with a little TWO THOUSAND MANIACS thrown in".

Executive Producer Seth Metoyer said that his story "Was inspired by the fact that Hollywood is still 'hot for found footage'", but believes that "the found footage genre is saturated and needs a fresh take".

The fresh take of SQUEAL is that the film is shot/recorded from the point of view of a 13 year old girl. She documents her younger brother's tormented night terrors about squealing pigs, her drug addicted parents and finally their trip and visit to creepy Uncle Ollie's farm.

Dismal Productions plans to complete the film in late 2013 or early 2014. They will be launching a crowd-funding campaign to help raise funds and get horror fans involved. We'll keep you posted about those and other details about this film as they become available. Take a gander at a larger version of the teaser poster below the movie synopsis.

‘Bates Motel’ Episode 1: First You Dream, Then You Die Review

Bates Motel Season 1 PosterBy Chris Risdal

I love the film ‘Psycho’. I consider it my favorite film for many reasons and though it branched out into a rather hit or miss franchise, I’ve still always been interested in exploring the world of Norman Bates and his Mother and now with A&E’s ‘Bates Motel’, it seems like we have a good chance at exploring them further. Does the show do the franchise justice? Well, yes and no.

The show certainly knows how to start off with a bang with Norman discovering his dead father in their house before we jump ahead to a few months later when Norman and his Mother Norma (played by Freddie Highmore and Vera Famiga) use the insurance money to buy what will become the infamous Bates Motel in a small costal town where mysterious and dangerous events begin to happen around the Bates.

The show is successful in creating atmosphere with almost a David Lynch feel too it but the show is also successful at being unique on its own while still remaining in the ‘Psycho’ universe. Although the show is a prequel to the 1960 film, the old is mixed with the new with the show being set in modern times but retaining old objects such as record players, Norman’s love of old movies, and just a retro feel that’s very welcome.

The show surprisingly is able to get away with some horrific sequences such as a very strong rape scene that made me quite uncomfortable and I could’ve done without. The violence is strong when present however this is not a graphic show with most of the terror and tension coming from the excellent performances of Highmore’s Norman and Famiga as his obsessive Mother and I feel this is the right move, since if violence was being committed every episode It would probably get old quick.

Five Things We Know About The New 'Evil Dead'

By Chris Risdal, MoreHorror.com

I don't know about you guys out there, but I cannot WAIT until the upcoming remake of 1981's 'The Evil Dead'. The film is directed by newcomer Fede Alverez and though he's new, he shows a lot of promise in this remake and his love for the original actually seems to be beneficial this time around.

In celebration of the upcoming remake, I just wanted to compile the five main things that we know about Evil Dead 2013. So without further ado, we start with number five:

5. The film has gore, and a lot of it
If you haven't heard by now, the original cut of the film received an 'NC-17' by the ratings board and it tells us that not only will we have some extra fun when the eventual DVD/Blu-Ray comes out, but that they are seriously wanting to commit to the body horror theme of the film. Most horror films should not rely solely on gore, however it seems like with this one it's just a factor.

4. Most of the special effects are practical with very little CGI
Computer Generated Imagery should only be used to create what cannot be made in real life, and even then it should be in moderation. Luckily Fede Alverez and producers Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert have kept their practical FX roots and are committing to keeping as little CG in the new film as possible. This is a VERY nice change of pace from earlier horror films of late.

Exclusive: Time Traveling Nazis set to Invade Indie Horror in The Psychological Thriller 'Blood Angel'

Blood Angel MovieBy Seth Metoyer, MoreHorror.com

ANOC Productions and MOnsterworks66 team up to produce the indie horror film Blood Angel. Casting is already underway with a “Who's Who” in the Indie Horror community being considered for leading and supporting roles. 

Blood Angel is a thriller/horror film about a time traveling Nazi scientist. Germany, early 1940s: The Nazi regime is developing "wonder weapons" to win the war. The Nazis lose the war, but their secrets remain hidden…until now. Cut to present day as an inhuman Nazi scientist materializes from nowhere. Tonight, he will unleash Hell in an attempt to reestablish Hitler’s 3rd Reich and bring it back to world dominance.

ANOC Productions are well known in the independent horror community. Their films have been distributed worldwide by several prestigious companies including Lionsgate. They have recently completed Bunnyman 2, the sequel to The Bunnyman Massacre, which is currently airing on the CHILLER channel and is also being sold at big box retailers like Wal-Mart.

This is, however, the first time that ANOC is taking on a full production partner, and the honor has fallen to MOnsterworks66.  MO66 is the brainchild of Maria Olsen, better known as Mrs Dodds The Fury from Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and has happily been co-producing horror - and other - features for the last eighteen months.  The MO66 co-producing stamp can be found on features Live-In Fear, Way Down in Chinatown, Faraway and Something Sinister, all of which are nearing the end of post-production, as well as Reunion, which will wrap principal photography next month.

'HATCHET III' Hacks Into Theaters on June 14

HATCHET IIIBy Seth Metoyer, MoreHorror.com

Victor Crowley is back (as well as the lovely Danielle Harris) in the highly anticipated third act in the Hatchet series. HATCHET III will be hacking its way into theaters on June, 14.

Presented by creator Adam Green, his film company ArieScope Pictures, the third installment was directed by BJ McDonnell (his debut). McDonnell has handled camera operations for such features as Rob Zombie's Halloween and the first two Hatchet movies.

Check out the official teaser trailer below the following details and keep checking back for more details about the film as they become available.

From The Press Release:
MPI/Dark Sky Films announced today that June 14th will be the official release date for HATCHET III, the third entry in the popular franchise created by ArieScope Pictures' Adam Green. The film marks the directorial debut of BJ McDonnell who previously has handled A and B camera operations on such features as Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Adam Green's first two Hatchet films.

HATCHET III is set to open in New York City's Cinema Village and in Los Angeles at Laemmle Music Hall. Opening week will feature special appearances by cast and crew, followed by Q&A's at each location. Additional cities will be announced at a later date.

'Antibodies' Movie Review

AntiBodiesReview by Colleen Wanglund, MoreHorror.com

Antibodies (2005, Germany)
Directed by Christian Alvart
Runtime 127 minutes
German with English subtitles

Written and directed by Christian Alvart (Pandorum {2009}), Antibodies (Antikorper) is a disturbing psychological crime thriller about serial pedophile/child killer Gabriel Engel (Andre Hennicke), who has finally been caught by Federal Agent Seiler (Heinz Hoenig). Seiler is now charged with interrogating Engel, who refuses to talk.

In the small farming village of Herzbach, farmer and part-time police officer Michael Martens (Wotan Wilke Mohring) is wrestling with the unsolved brutal murder of twelve-year-old Lucy. Martens and the rest of the town think Engel was responsible, but there is plenty of tension and doubt to go around. When Engel is captured, Martens goes to the city in the hopes of finding out if he killed Lucy or not. Seiler grants the interview and is surprised to discover that Engel will only talk to Martens. Martens agrees to stay for as long as he can help with the investigation—he even visits Engel’s apartment with Seiler where he finds evidence of the crimes committed.

Feeling elated and accomplished, Martens emotions wreak havoc when he gets no positive feedback from his wife upon calling home. All she wants to know is when he’ll be home for the harvest. This leads Martens, a devout Catholic, to explore his dark side—with Engel’s questions egging him on. He cheats on his wife with a hot blonde who does things that Martens’ wife probably wouldn’t even consider (they sleep in separate beds!).

Ultimately he returns home and Seiler arrives with a group of investigators to get samples of all of the men in Herzbach, because some of the evidence points to someone else killing Lucy. Martens is eventually led to a potential suspect that would be devastating and embarrassing for his family. But not so fast. There are numerous twists and turns and in the end we learn that things are not what they seem.

FOREVER MAN: Novel Review

Forever Man Book ReviewNovel Review by Rick O’Shea, MoreHorror.com

Written By: Brian W. Matthews
Journal Stone Publishing

The epitome of every parent’s nightmare arises for one Elizabeth ‘Izzy’ Morris. After a high school dance her daughter Natalie’s date has been found mutilated in a nearby forest. With barely a trace to Natalie’s whereabouts, Morris the town’s police chief grapples with conflict of interest and a dire race against time. Her only leads in the investigation are two suspects, a drifter Bart Owens and another mysterious stranger arrived on the scene. A link between the two’s elusive presence and local banker Jack Sallinen’s autistic son makes this case even more complex and bizarre. Will they be the very key to unlocking the answers to the infinite questions surrounding the mayhem fallen on the town of Kinsey, Michigan-find out in the Forever Man.

Brian W. Matthews tale of the supernatural is immensely imaginative, original and compelling. The central theme of the paranormal versus ESP is most intriguing. As the proverbial plot layers and peeled back unto the audience, we’re treated to a spell binding tale that translates into a timeless classic.

Perhaps most notably is how well the character development is achieved in a wide myriad of individuals. This is no easy feat in a two hundred ninety paged novel. The lead characters are interesting and thought provoking. We immediately side with the protagonists and thrive with a desire to get to know them even further.

A number of dysfunctional relationships arise between the lead and secondary characters. We readily identify with their inability to communicate effectively and can empathize with their inner turmoil. We sympathize with Morris’s crumbling marriage. Gene the local bartender and his struggle with reclusive tendencies evokes subtle, but certainly not withstanding a sense of unanimous pity. Jack’s sons vie for their father’s seemingly nonexistent approval. We’ve all been to the same destinations emotionally that are characters have ventured making this story easily digestible. We recognize their faults and accept them just as easily as their attributes. Their flaws make each individual more human somehow. It strengthens our sense of reinforcing a desire for good to prevail over adversity and evil.

'The Frankenstein Theory' Movie Review

Reviewed by Marcy Papandrea, MoreHorror.com

I really wanted to like The Frankenstein Theory, the synopsis was fantastic and I was very intrigued by this premise. However this film just does not deliver in the end, and I really wanted to it. There is a lot of build up in the beginning and then it seems to stall and I was let down.

This film takes the idea that the novel of Frankenstein was actually based on fact. We find this out as a documentary crew are interviewing Professor John Venkenheim (Kris Lemche), who reveals to them a strange family history. His ancestors were members of the Illuminati and they conducted experiments, and a creature was created. The group embark on a journey to find 'Frankenstein' and it all gets filmed …

See that sounds awesome right? The first 15 minutes or so are really well done, and then it kind of lost me. The group heads out and some weird thing happen and they add absolutely nothing to the story. Once out in the snow, the film turns into a Blair Witch Project type. It actually felt like it was trying to be the new version of that film and it wasn't scary or suspenseful and I didn't feel tense. In fact I felt nothing for these characters when I probably should have.

The Frankenstein Theory suffers from what a lot of found footage type of films suffer, I could not believe these people were still filming instead of getting out of there. I did not buy it what so ever, and in turn the characters just came off as a bit stupid. While the motivation of Venkenheim was actually well handled, every one else however just had no excuse for acting the way they did. I get that if they ran we wouldn't have much of a film, but there was nothing keeping them there.

On the plus side at least it starts off interesting and Kris Lemche does a pretty great job. The filming locations are really great, and it did add a layer of fear. There are some really cool moments, such as a story being told about a bear, so this isn't a total loss.

Exclusive: How to 'Hitchcock' Your Evening and Blu-ray Giveaway

by David Harkness, MoreHorror.com

In celebration of today's BLU-RAY & DVD release of Hitchcock, we have a nice giveaway and fun feature for you called How to 'Hitchcock' Your Evening.

As before, entering to win on MoreHorror is simple. To qualify for one of two Blu-ray copies of the film, simply email hitchcockgiveaway[at]morehorror.com with the subject line Hitchcock Giveaway. In the email let us know how you would 'Hitchcock' your evening while including your full name and physical address (sorry no PO Boxes and US residents only). That's it!

About Hitchcock
Oscar® winners Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are captivating in the classic true life tale about the creation of one of movie’s most praised films. Plagued by both a reckless ego and nagging self-doubt, Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock (Hopkins) finds himself captivated by a horrific murder story that the Hollywood simply won't support.

Driven by obsession, Hitch puts his reputation on the line, risks losing his home and even his lovely supportive wife Alma (Mirren), as he pushes forward to make the movie himself. In the end, him and his unite to develop what will become the cinematic masterpiece known as Psycho. The film also stars Scarlett Johansson, Toni Collette and Jessica Biel.

How to 'Hitchcock' Your Evening

Who doesn’t love The Master of Suspense? Here are a few tips on how you can make your days more Hitchcock-inspired!

Go Blonde

Hitchcock is renowned for his obsession with blondes – from Tippi Hedren to Grace Kelly, Janet Leigh to Eva Marie Saint, the director put his flaxen-haired, fiery or frosty beauties at the left of his films. Most would agree it was a predilection of attraction, but he’s also quoted as saying that blondes were "a symbol of the heroine" and that he thought the blonde hair photographed better in black-and-white.

Identify Your MacGuffin

Although Hitchcock didn’t invent the term, it was certainly popularized by him. The MacGuffin is the plot device that kick starts and drives the narrative – it can be an object, a person, or a goal, but must motivate the protagonist to start on their course of action. Like the avian attacks in The Birds or the identity of “George Caplan” in North by Northwest, the reasons behind or the exact details of the MacGuffin are often unexplained – it’s function is merely to motivate.

The Walking Dead – 3.13: 'Arrow On The Doorpost' review

by Jesse Miller, MoreHorror.com

Warning – this review contains spoilers!

“Arrow On The Doorpost” was an electrifying episode that saw the meeting of two minds – The Governor and Rick – as they attempted to negotiate a truce to the conflict that has been raging the past few episodes.

It was an incredibly tense moment and it was one superbly performed by the two actors here, each playing off of each other brilliantly and holding their own when it comes to barking out some fantastic one liners, like Rick’s “You’re just the town drunk that ran over my white fence and tore up my yard” – or words to that effect.

The Governor was smug as always and enjoyed his little efforts to manipulate Rick, from sharing a drink, to talking of Merle, to trying to rouse sympathy by speaking of his wife.

But does he have a wife? Who knows? By this point in the game, it’s starting to feel like The Governor is just The Joker from The Dark Knight, just telling origin stories that aren’t true.

So as The Governor and Rick had their chat, we had a look outside as the “soldiers” stood by and waited for the summit to end, where Milton connected with Hershel and even shared an uneasy laugh, while Martinez and Daryl had a pissing contest over killing zombies and swapped manly stories over menthol cigarettes Daryl found off a corpse.

Back at the prison, Merle is getting all fidgety about having his brother out there with the Governor and tries several times to go off and start something, but Glenn refuses and in an excellent scene, knocks him back and stands up to him, further demonstrating how far Glenn has grown since the early days of season 1.

There's A 'State of Emergency' Coming from Image Entertainment

State of Emergency DVDBy Michael Juvinall, MoreHorror.com

Zombies, zombies, and more zombies, they're everywhere now, and we have a trailer for Image Entertainment's upcoming zombie film, State of Emergency for you to check out down below.

From The Press Release
A bio-plant explosion will forever change the dynamic of a small country town. A man will be forced to kill those very people he once held dear. On April 16th, Image Entertainment challenges you to escape zombie-ridden Montgomery County with the release of State of Emergency. This harrowing tale of survival amongst the undead is directed by Turner Clay (Interception) and stars Jay Hayden (A Warrior’s Heart), Tori White (Silent Night) and Andy Stahl (The Blind Side). Also available via digital download, the DVD release.

After an explosion unleashes the contents of a military bio-weapons plant, the unsuspecting populace is transformed into a roaming army of flesh-eating zombies. Trapped in the quarantine zone, Jim finds himself cut off, confused and fighting for his own survival. Contacted by a small band of others unaffected by the toxins, Jim sets out to reach their besieged warehouse. Becoming the survival group’s de-facto leader, he struggles to keep order as they hunker down, fortify their stronghold and arm themselves against the attacking mutants. Fragmentary radio reports from outside hint at a last-ditch government rescue plan.

'The Wicked' Movie Review

The WickedBy Marcey Papandrea, MoreHorror.com

I was really interested in checking out The Wicked, I thought it had a rather cool sounding synopsis and I do like films that deal with legends. It isn't an easy type of film to pull off and I have seen my share of lemons there. I went into this without expecting anything either way, having no notion of whether I would like it or not is how I like to go into a film.

I would say that the film is a fair effort, it took a cool concept and those involved certainly tried their best to deliver. I give them kudos, the film winds up being a fun ride and I did like the town mythos with the creature here. Believe me this could have been much worse, so while it isn't the best film out there I'd say on the horror market now, it is a pretty decent one.

The story here is about a small town, who has a legend about a witch that they call 'The Wicked'. If you go to her house and throw a rock at her window and it breaks the window, she's going to come and get you. This is revealed to us through an affective and engaging opening sequence, and basically all bets are off. We then meet our usual bunch of teens, mostly not likeable at first but I did warm to them after a while. They get involved with the legend and strive to escape it.

What the film has going for it is the really cool story, and I would say it is developed in an interesting way by writer Michael Vickerman and director Peter Winther. The second half has a really good pace and it remains rather engaging. Some of the performances are pretty decent, and they kept things going well. I liked the look of the film, it had just the right tone visually to really fit with the story.

Graphic Novel Review: The List by Paul Bedford

The ListReviewed by Marcy Papandrea, MoreHorror.com

Author: Paul Bedford
Pencils: Henry Pop
Inks: Tom Bonin

The List in my opinion isn't your typical piece of literature, nor is it typical with its artwork. This is an engaging and disturbing piece of work, something that does not come around often and very surprising that it comes from Australia. The industry in my country of origin is a good one, but sadly it is almost unknown and with works like The List it really needs to be. I am thankful there are many creative minds working in Australia, and even more thankful that I have had the opportunity to discover a lot of it and it is my hope that others will discover these things as well – The List is actually a pretty good place to start.

“heaven bequeathed but one list”

I actually find it rather difficult in trying to describe what this graphic novel is about, it is an experience and there is no justice to be done in writing a simple synopsis. However I am sure you the reader are a little curious as to what this book holds inside so I will give you a small glimpse – 'The List is about a man who gets given a list of commandments, a quest to be completed. He is visited by an angel with an offer, should he complete the quest.' And that folks is your small glimpse.

What you read and what you see within the pages can be taken in many ways, this is a very layered journey and not all is what it may seem. As you read the words and look at the pictures, can you take it all at face value? There are some scenes in The List that are rather shocking, and upon several reads I have gotten something different out of it each time. There is a lot of symbolic elements amongst those layers and it really is up to how you the reader interprets it and whether you want to look deeper into it or as mentioned take it as face value.


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