2020 lineup for the 'Slasher Film Festival' announced

Slasher Film Festival is happy to announce its lineup for the 2020 season. This year we were happy to see films from countries all over the world and it made it hard to narrow it down. You could say this year is the year of the short film as the amount of quality short films we received over took the amount of features and our line up reflects that.

We’re happy to once again be partnering with Landmark Cinemas in Peoria, IL to bring these indie horror films to a ravenous horror film community. Where else are you going to go to a theater and see such things as a haunted printer, a kid torturing her babysitter with very familiar horror scenarios from the 80s, werewolves, and a farting scarecrow? Only an indie horror film festival.

This year we’re a host to the US Premiere to PandaMonium which just announced a DVD and VOD premiere in its home country. We’re also the start of a festival run for Habitual written and directed by Johnny Hickey and starring MTV’s Chris “CT” Tamburello, both of which will be in attendance.

The schedule for this year’s festival is below. For a rundown of film descriptions and posters check out

Friday March 13th

7:00PM - Reap 1:30:00

Break 10:00

8:40PM Revenge Of The Slasher 23:00

9:03PM Unknown Visitor 52:11

9:55PM S 29:02

10:25PM And Darkness Comes 12:17

Break 10:00

10:45PM A Nun’s Curse 1:15:00

Saturday March 14th

12:00PM Flesh City 1:24:16

Break 10:00

1:35PM Short Block A:

One Closed Door 6:41

The Reference 4:10

No Soliciting 6:59

A New Brain For Dan Deacon 15:30

Work Sample 9:20

Santa Baby 11:00

Rub 2:19

Hide And Seek 13:07

Bumps In The Night 6:40

The Room 4:47

The Killer Of Grassy Ridge 9:22

Grave Sight 7:00

Draw 8:22

Dichotomy 20:00

Break 10:00

3:50PM Habitual 1:29:42

Break 10:00

5:30PM Short Block B:

It Came From The 80s 10:10

The Hunted 1:46

Hobo Sewer Slaughter 4:11

Now Is The Printer Of Our Discontent 10:25

Happy Birthday 7:19

Boxed Hell 5:17

The Woman With Centipede Eyes 8:03

Stalker 6:13

Netflix And Kill 9:35

Happy Mother’s Day 4:00

There’s Something In The Woods 10:46

Wilbur 6:00

Create Your Killer 7:50

Good Man - Honor Your Father And Mother 9:59

Allergic Overreaction 14:14

Double Bill (Blood Oaks/Sex Demon) 15:11

Break 10:00

7:50PM PandaMonium 1:26:16

Break 10:00

9:30PM Short Block C:

Off Fleek 6:00

Night Owls 8:41

Field Of Screams 10:54

Playtime’s Over 10:48

Succubi Scry 4:35

Fused 18:00

In Her Shoes 5:00

Imagine A World 15:01

Horrorscope 4:30

Irreparable 7:06

Crop Dust 1:15

Break 10:00

11:00PM Slaughterhouse Slumber Party 1:24:44

About Slasher Fest After 8 years of doing an independent horror film festival called the DRUNKEN ZOMBIE FILM FESTIVAL its doors were closed. After 4 years it was decided to start a new festival and rebrand as the SLASHER FILM FESTIVAL to help celebrate independent horror.

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