Are your ready for Hatchet 5 and 6?

Horror genre favorite Danielle Harris (Halloween 5, Hatchet II, Rob Zombie's Halloween) recently attended Monster-Mania in Hunt Valley, Maryland as a panelist. During the Halloween movie reunion panel Q & A session, she was asked about the current state of the Hatchet movie franchise. The actress confirmed, according to

1428 Elm, that two additional Hatchet films are slated to be made.

The words dripping down the horror news pipe is that show runner Adam Green's team will shoot both films simultaneously. That being said, Harris stated that she has not read the scripts yet.

Harris went on to state: “All I know is he (Adam Green) makes me do real stupid s*** and A LOT of it. Hopefully, I am not going to be handcuffed for the entire movie this time. It’s completely insane what you have to do but there will be two more which is great!” As fans most likely recall in the first HATCHET film, Marybeth Dunstan was performed by actress Amara Zaragoza. By the second movie in 2010, Zaragoza was replaced by Harris in Hatchet II. In the the most recent HATCHET entry, Harris showed up in the super secret surprise movie, Victor Crowley, which released in theaters in 2017.

This news should excite fans of the franchise or irritate those who are not. Let us know what you think. Find us @MoreHorror on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Source: 1428 Elm Poster by SLASHER Design and Fright-Rags

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