BELZEBUTH movie review

By Villanelle March,,

Beware, there's a demonic entity named BELZEBUTH lurking around a small town in Mexico. The premise also sets the stage for a pretty slick horror film. The dialogue is in both Spanish and English, and there's really not any humor to break up the horror. This was probably done purposefully, as it adds to the grim tale of demonic possession. There are some Fallen (1998) vibes here, but it's not really clear if that was intentional or just a coincidence.

Tobin Bell (SAW franchise) portrays a mysterious wanderer, and to be honest, Bell always brings the perfect creepy factor to any movie along with his horror clout.

Police lieutenant Emmanuel Ritter (Joaquin Cosio) is a tortured soul who continually has horrible things happen to him and those close to him. You know the trope. His partner, Demetriou Bautista (Jose Sefami), attempts to keep him from losing his mind as they investigate another brutal incident involving children and work alongside a team of American psychic investigators. Now it's a party!

Director Emilio Portes and his co-writer Luis Carlos Fuentes continue the ominous tone throughout the remainder of the film. There are some jump scares in BELZEBUTH (if you are a fan of those), and some stellar gore.

The movie is bloody and overall pretty disturbing. It's definitely a movie horror fans and fans of the demonic possession genre will want to check out.

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