'BLOOD VESSEL' to spill onto VOD and On-Demand platforms,

Vampire terror goes out to sea in the upcoming horror film BLOOD VESSEL!

Just announced by COLLIDER, the film has been acquired for N. American release by genre distributors The Horror Collective, who will be releasing it on VOD and On-Demand platforms July 21st.

Watch the trailer here.

Co-written by Jordan Prosser, BLOOD VESSEL was co-written and directed by Justin Dix, award-winning special effects supervisor and director of Wicked of Oz studios. He has worked on such films as THE BABADOOK, 100 BLOODY ACRES, CRAWLSPACE, THE LOVED ONES, and LAKE MUNGO, as well as dozens of others.

BLOOD VESSEL stars Alyssa Sutherland (VIKINGS), Robert Taylor (THE MATRIX), Nathan Phillips (SNAKES ON A PLANE), Christopher Kirby (DAYBREAKERS), John Lloyd Fillingham (HUNTERS), and Alex Cooke (PREACHER).

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