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We love short films here at More Horror. We watch a lot of them, however they are notoriously difficult to review without giving away too much of the plot. So we thought we'd shine a spotlight on one we really dig. Check out the short film THE DOLL here on YouTube for free: Additional details about the film are below. From the Official Release: Horrific Film Fest 2019 WINNER PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Stephenville FrightFest 2019 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Reels of The Dead 2019, Lift Off First Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019, San Antonio Horrific Film Fest 2019, Stephenville Fright Fest 2019 “The Doll” is the debut horror short film by Director Jason Vandygriff. Mixing elements of slow burn horror and Pediophobia (Fear of Dolls), to create a short form horror experience guaranteed to chill you to the bone. After finding an old doll in the attic of his new home, James is slowly stalked by this malevolent being. The Doll (2019) was filmed completely with an iPhone XS Max using the Filmic Pro app. Director Jason Vandygriff acted as a one man crew and actor, framing shots before jumping back in front of the camera. It started as an experiment to see if making a horror film with interesting visuals was even possible by himself and with no budget ($300). A Tin Star Films Production "The Doll" (2019) Written & Directed By Jason Vandygriff Starring: (In Order of Appearance) Eric Jerrols as Cal Jason Vandygriff as James Music by David Fesliyan Creature Design by Erika Janssen Edited by Jason Vandygriff Produced by Jason Vandygriff.

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