Creepy Netflix series 'Marianne' finally getting the attention it deserves

By Seth Metoyer,

The creepy French series MARIANNE on Netflix is finally getting the press it deserves. Especially for actress Mireille Herbstmeyer, who plays the elderly female possessed by Marianne. This actress commands the screen every scene she's in and I'm simply amazed she's not more well known. I thought I'd at least see some theatrical awards or some major accolades when I searched her. But nothing really, it was actually a bit difficult to track her name down. Her scary performance is worth checking out this series.

Much of the rest of the cast is good also, however I can't really click with the main character Emma for some reason. Often I find myself going "Why is she being so passive? Where's her sense of urgency? Did she literally just shrug again like this crazy scary demon possessed bitch isn't going to kill her and everyone else she loves?" I seriously just want to shake her. Maybe the character is supposed to be this way? I'm guessing an air sign. Most likely a Gemini.

I'd say over all the world feels like a darker version of Stephen King's Castle Rock universe meets The House on Haunted Hill universe. Very eerie. A bit depressive. Hauntingly beautiful. Pure nightmare fuel.

'Marianne' is a French Netflix series about a famous horror writer who is lured back to her hometown discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc in the real world.

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