Dead Air (2019) review

Dead Air Reviewed by Jesse Miller It’s Halloween night and whether you’re playing pool at the local dive or waiting for the feature film to start at the drive in, you might want to tune into WRXN 101.5FM - Mickey Monstro’s got your evening sorted with some macabre commentary and some rockin’ tunes that just might wake the dead. A delightfully devilish love letter to radio, drive in theaters, vinyl, horror and heavy metal, every moment of DEAD AIR’s 16 minute run time is ghoulish great fun that flies by so quickly you’ll be hungry for more. The first thing I want to take note of is the visual style of the film. Drenched in neon colours and utilising fonts that could’ve easily been placed on any horror VHS or heavy metal album cover from the 80’s, Dead Air sets out to capture the aesthetic and moods of these times and absolutely succeeds, to the point where I could smell the cigarettes in the air and feel the little bit of beer that slipped into my shoe at a Metallica concert. That’s not all though - written by Chris La Vigna and directed by Matt Sullivan, Dead Air plays out like a King Diamond song come to life, but with all the dark vein of humour of an Evil Dead film. There’s a sense of something coming in the air but you’re not entirely sure what and where from until it hits you like a slab of heavy metal. If I told you more, I’d have to kill you. The cast are all having fun too - Amanda Durane is something else as a killer lead singer, while Frank Deruggiero is a lot of fun as the surly cocksure radio host who loves to gloat to his bored co-worker, played by Lily Lipman. Boasting a rockin’ soundtrack that will make your head spin and featuring a fun script led by confident assured direction and gorgeous visuals, DEAD AIR is a riot, a romp, a whirlwind of sight and sound and a killer time to be had.

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