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Starring Bret "HITMAN" Hart (WWE Hall of Famer), Felissa Rose, (Sleep Away Camp) and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th). Please consider donating to the KICKSTARTER campaign.

DEMENTED is a film-within-a-film, that takes you deep into the dark world of fetish cinema. An edgy, eerie, docu-style story, telling the harsh realities of voyeurism meeting Final-Fantasy. A world in which hidden figures exist expressly to take advantage of the meek.

Young women on the fringe of society, looking for the promise of “true love” and a ‘better life’ are dragged down the tortuous road of No Return. The sick, twisted minds of the Dark Net's Master Manipulators are the New Puppet Masters and profiteers, forcing these lost girls to do their perverted bidding in the most disturbing recesses of the Dark Net. DEMENTED is a twisted triangle of hope, haplessness and horror that continues to dominate today's shocking headlines, that of human trafficking.

New Blood Entertainment is seeking crowdfunding to complete the post-production of Demented. We will be offering Autographed DVD/Blurays, Advanced VOD pre-release screenings, IMDB Credits, Associate Producer credits and Digital downloads of Horror films. We don't believe in getting something for nothing. Please support indie horror. Our aim is to have Demented released by Halloween 2020.

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