Exclusive still from 'The Profane Exhibit', plus full details on the Unearthed Films release

By Seth Metoyer, We've been excited about this project for a while now, and we're happy to share the details about The Profane Exhibit. Unearthed Films was kind enough to send us an exclusive still from the film, which you can find below. We've also included the poster and trailer (most likely NSFW at your job). Read more about this brutal release below, the film which is presented by Amanda L. Manuel, and the words of Unearthed Films head guru, Stephen Biro. "Ladies and gentlemen! My fellow creatures of the night! You are invited to join us on a perilous journey into the land of the damned. Please ensure to keep your limbs safely inside the speeding vehicle at all times, for what you are about to witness is a dangerous miracle of the macabre. Renowned horror movie directors from all over the world have recreated their most gruesome dreams and frenzied nightmares for your viewing displeasure. Your ticket entitles you to enjoy a surfeit of screams, palpitations, and gut-wrenching violence - the like of which has never before been seen by man or beast. Watch your step, don’t look behind you, and try to keep your eyes open because Unearthed Films is releasing...THE PROFANE EXHIBIT. THE PROFANE EXHIBIT is one of the most anticipated manifestations of the brutal, violent and perverse. It will leave every viewer spellbound and in awe of its diabolical intent in creating new nightmares for the next generation. It showcases the collaboration of internationally acclaimed horror directors as they come together to create the most intense and extreme horror anthology ever made. Never before have so many iconic filmmakers been involved in the same project, regardless of genre. Horror icons from literally around the world have been assembled to create a film experience that is completely unique. Amanda L. Manuel is the architect on what is likely the most daring independent horror film project to date, both in concept and scope. Assembling an almost-surreal collection of over 100 horror icons (directors, writers, actors, musicians, etc.) Amanda’s initial vision was to present the audience with a mirror that is a reflection of mankind; a reflection of greed, lust, and revenge that embodies corruption to the core. Each segment, and integral part of Profane, was directed and scored by titans within horror and music. THE PROFANE EXHIBIT is going to be unlike anything that horror fans have ever seen. It is horror with a message... terror with something to say, presented by Unearthed Films and Harbinger International." - Stephen Biro, Unearthed Films Trailer: Exclusive movie still:

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