Horror episode 'Death Funky' from Candyboy releases

We came across this stylishly creative horror project titled "Candyboy", which is a mix between horror cinema and music. 

Check out the first horror episode "Death Funky", because you know you want to! 

Candyboy is the stage name of Andrea Chiarini, born in 1987, Italian guitarist and horror visual artist. Nobody has ever seen his true face or heard his voice, he usually uses different masks or strong makeup in concert and in all videos.

Since childhood, he has always been attracted to horror films and occult books.

His songs and videos are full of symbolic, desecrating and provocative images that harshly criticize society and religious dogmas to be published and mentioned by the Church of Satan.

He released three albums in the same year 2019: "Acoustic in Midwest", "Virtuoso", "Hellawood". Although he uses many masks, his reference archetype is a black joker, "The Fool" in tarot cards: unpredictable, anarchist, extreme provocateur, destroyer, and creative. The origin and end of everything.

This characteristic of unpredictability and anarchy is applied to his music in a radical way. The genres range from classical to electronic music, from rock to country but he loves to define himself as avant-garde horror.

His major musical references are Paganini, Mozart for classical music which he studied for years in the conservatory where he graduated, for rock, he has strongly undergone the esoteric charm of Led Zeppelin and considers Jimi Page the contemporary genius of modern guitar.

As far as horror cinema we find references to Dario Argento, George Romero, John Carpenter and Andy Mancini. His shows are in fact closer to a theatrical musical horror rather than a classic rock concert.

Candyboy on the occasion of the release of "Hellawood", his first studio album, was mentioned by "Norway Rock Magazine" as one of the modern super guitarists of the horror genre together with the likes of John 5 and Buckethead Candyboy is an uncomfortable and violent trip into the psyche of man.

One of the books that could describe the “blueprint” of Candyboy is the Italian novel by Luigi Pirandello "One nobody and one hundred thousand".

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