'HorrorNaments' brings Halloween to your tree

We were recently sent a sweet box of goodies from HorrorNaments®.

You can find a short video of the unboxing below the details. HorrorNaments® are incredibly detailed, precisely sculpted Halloween-themed tree ornaments. Each of the 65+ current HorrorNaments® was designed by the owner of The Haunt, West Michigan’s premier haunted attraction.

Check out our little unboxing video of some cool items that they sent over.

We particularly dig the "Anatomical Heart-Skull" ornament LOVE IS DEAD!

Go to their site (click here) and use coupon code: morehorror10 to get 10% off your purchase until June 15th!

About the ornaments they sent, Sara from HorrorNaments said "The 'Plague Doctor' was one of our new releases for 2019. Little did we know that COVID-19 would come around early this year, causing this ornament to be one of our top sellers! Many people have bought it as a creepy keepsake for these strange times we live in." 

She also stated that they feel the "Love Is Dead" ornament is "one of our unsung heroes.  A lot of times people can’t see the back of it on the website but those who do purchase it think the ventricles and little details on it are SO cool. I just don't think it’s gotten the 'love' it deserves!"

HORRORNAMENTS unboxing video:

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