'Insight of Evil 2' has released from New Blood Entertainment

INSIGHT OF EVIL 2 is now available from New Blood Entertainment.

Click here to BUY INSIGHT OF EVIL 2. The Unrated Directors Cut of the Insight of Evil 2 is a direct follow up to the original movie. Tiffany Edwardsen, and Anthony Cortese return to reprise their roles.

Watch on VOD Rental $2.99, VOD purchase: $5.99 by clicking HERE.

Or purchase on Blu-ray ($20.00) and DVD ($15.00) by clicking HERE.


Tanya returns to the scene of the crime to rid herself of nightmares of the horror that occurred three years earlier. "Insight of Evil 2" Trailer:

Stars: Tiffany Edwardsen, Anthony Cortese, Norman McIsaac, Bill Lucas, Eva James

Producers: Nigel Hartwell

Writer/Director: Nigel Hartwell

Format: 16mm - 720HD

Genre: Thriller, Supernatural

Completed: 2020

Rating: Unrated

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