'Insight of Evil 2' to release from New Blood Entertainment,

Insight of Evil 2 releases on May 26, 2020 from New Blood Entertainment and is the third feature film shot by Nigel Hartwell, following Insight of Evil and The Expedition. Tiffany Edwardsen and Anthony Cortese return to reprise their roles with a few new faces. If you like 80s slasher films this sequel has the gore and the girls that you would expect.

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Synopsis: Tanya returns to the scene of the crime to rid herself of nightmares of the horror that occurred three years earlier. Stars: Tiffany Edwardsen, Anthony Cortese, Norman McIsaac, Bill Lucas, Eva James Producers: Nigel Hartwell Writer/Director: Nigel Hartwell Format: 16mm - 720HD Genre: Thriller, Supernatural Completed: 2020 Rating: Unrated Inquire about Licensing:

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