'Stay Alive' makes murder a popularity contest

We just received our copy of the graphic novel Stay Alive, and this thing is bad ass.

Stay Alive is a stylish graphic novel chock full of amazing color illustrations, nudity and violence. What else could you want?

The heroine, Jane Morgan, is an actress fallen from an Oscar-nominated film debut into personal misadventures and Z-grade, T-and-A slasher flicks. Desperate to rescue her career, she provokes 

uKill is a mob justice entertainment consortium that murders whomever its website patrons choose by popular election--literally anyone, anywhere. By spoiling the last-wish pro baseball adventure of a terminally ill child, Jane becomes uKill's target. She parlays her calamity into a starring role on Stay Alive.

It's a reality TV show documenting her attempts to avoid becoming uKill's next victim. Jane's blood-splashed redemption path follows, populated by stalkers, assassins, and show-me-the-money allies.

Stay Alive is available to order now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Get your copy now!

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