The Funhouse (1981) screenwriter Larry Block Re-Enters The Funhouse,

The Funhouse (1981) is one of those classic Tobe Hooper horror films that every horror fan needs to see. The movie's screenwriter Larry Block has done an interview about the film and you can watch the "greatest hits" of the 2-hour interview with OcpCommunications, called "Larry Block | Re-Enters The Funhouse", below.

This is the first part of OcpCommunications interview with esteemed screenwriter, Larry Block who is known for his work on a handful of films, including the 1981 horror cult classic, The Funhouse. In this installment (watch it below), they discuss Larry's inspiration for the film, his time in a limo with Tobe Hooper, and much more. For more horror fun, follow Larry at Instagram and YouTube.

Also, check out the new video below that takes a deep dive into the history of horror films, hosted by GUNTHER, the monster who starred in Tobe Hooper’s cult classic ‘The Funhouse.”

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