'The Luring' to premiere on Digital and DVD

Writer/director Christopher Wells has unleashed a new look at his unsettling feature debut, The Luring. The Luring will premiere on Digital and DVD June 16th.

The psychological thriller follows Garrett (Rick Irwin), a young man who returns to the scene of his childhood to confront a nightmare he can't remember yet has plagued his entire life. The filmmakers have released new clips from the feature ahead of its debut. Summer Hill Entertainment will release the film on Digital and DVD June 16th. A veteran of surreal shorts, Wells directed and produced The Luring from his own script, alongside producer Brian Berg. Rick Irwin stars alongside Michaela Sprague, Molly Fahey and Dan Berkey. Garrett tries to recover a lost memory that took place at his family's vacation home in Vermont on his tenth birthday, when he was found in a non-responsive state by his parents and institutionalized. But revisiting the past sometimes calls the darkness as well, and Garrett will soon learn that some memories are best left lost and buried forever.

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