Viking horror saga 'Draug' has released

The Swedish viking horror saga "Draug" is being released on October 2 on VOD (internationally) and Blu-Ray (Sweden). "Draug" is created in the vain of the old Norse sagas utilizing the mythology and atmospheric setting of ancient Scandinavia.

SYNOPSIS: Sweden, 11th century. A missionary cortege has gone missing inside Ödmården, a huge forest that divides the north from the south. The king sends out some of his soldiers to either retrieve them alive or kill the insurgents responsible for their deaths. Among the soldiers is Nanna, a young woman on her first real mission. Orphaned at a young age she has been raised at the royal guard and is now for the first time traveling to her birth home, the still pagan areas north of Ödmården. As they travel further and further into the dark forest they realize that there is something else with them in there. Something dark and ancient. "Draug" premiered on Screamfest LA in 2018 where it was awarded for best musical score, Klas Persson, and best actor, Thomas Hedengran. Meanwhile the film continued its festival run and Ödmården Filmproduktion continued to work on the film while working with distributors to get a deal. Now the film is finally getting its wide release on VOD.

Ödmården Filmproduktion is an independent film production couple in Sweden who now are releasing their debut feature.

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